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  • Adoptable Animals | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Meet our Adoptable Pets Adoption Applications If you are looking for a specific type of animal, please call us at (208)883-1166. We can put you on our waitlist to contact you when we have an animal that fits what you are looking for. Horchata Domestic Shorthair Spayed Female Roughly 4 Years Old View my profile Eris Netherland Dwarf Female Roughly 1.5 Years Old View my profile Fajita Domestic Shorthair Spayed Female Roughly 2 Years Old View my profile Marvin the Martian Domestic Shorthair Neutered Male Roughly 4 Months Old View my profile Piñata Domestic Mediumhair Spayed Female Roughly 2 Years Old View my profile Are you looking for a working barn kitty to help with your rodent population? Check our Barn Buddy page to see who we have available! To view a full list of our adoptable pets, visit our PetFinder page! HSoP Petfinder

  • Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    SAVE A PET,​ ​​​​DONATE NOW!​ Piñata Roughly 2 years old. Eris Roughly 1.5 years old. Support HSoP with every Amazon purchase Visit our Amazon Wishlist! Piñata Roughly 2 years old. 1/9 Wobbles, forever the queen of HSoP ♥ The Five Freedoms HSoP is dedicated to providing the animals in our facility with the highest level of care possible during their stay with us. Adhering to the Five Freedoms ensures we are giving the companion animals in our care everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. Staff monitors each pet at HSoP individually to identify their specific mental and physical needs, so we can be sure to give them the most humane treatment during their temporary stay with us. Our shelter is committed to providing animals with: 1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst An adequate and healthful diet, with ready access to fresh drinking water. 2. Freedom from Discomfort An appropriate living environment including a clean and comfortable resting area. 3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease Prevention or rapid diagnosis, and treatment for injury or illness. 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviors Sufficient space, exercise, and ability to be with animal's own kind. 5. Freedom from Fear and Distress Conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering and stress. Enrichment Program Help us keep our pets happy! ​ Here at HSoP we strive to ensure our animals receive the highest level of care possible. This includes physical, mental, and emotional stimulation while they stay with us. We do our best to make sure each animal in our facility receives all preventative and necessary medical attention, as well as enrichment in their kennels to keep them entertained. Did you know animals can go stir crazy when they are confined in a small space for periods of time with no distractions? This is a common issue for animal shelters nationwide, and we are determined to limit that likelihood as much as possible for the animals here at HSoP. The staff here at HSoP are dedicated to making sure each animal has plenty of stimulation both physical and mental, to keep them from getting bored. Our wonderful volunteers help with this by taking the animals out of their kennels for some free time in a different area. ​ Our dogs enjoy going to their outside kennels and side yard to play fetch, stretch their legs, and change their scenery! Our cats love to get out of their kennels and go into our adoption room so they can stretch their legs, chase some toys, and get some extra special cuddles! Thank you Nylabone for donating roughly 250 Chews! We want our animals to have a great experience here while they wait for their new homes, so we are starting an Enrichment Program. This program will be dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to keep our furry friends busy and happy in their kennels! To achieve this goal of ours, we need your help! We have created a Wishlist on our amazon of all the items we think could be of great use for this program. We hope you will take a moment to browse through our list and pick a few things you would like to donate to our furry friends here at HSoP! ​ Donations can be mailed to 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 Thank you Starmark for donating 25 treat dispensing chew balls! Thank you Petfinder Foundation for your grant of 15 Kong Toys to benefit our canine friends of HSoP. With this grant we are able to provide our dogs with both mental and physical stimulation. Keeping our animals happy and healthy during their stay with us is our number one priority. With donations and grants like this, we can continue to give our animals the highest quality of care possible.

  • Success Stories | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    HSoP Success Stories "Sissy and her Seven Dwarfs" Sissy arrived at HSoP in spring of 2017. Sissy was wandering around the Kendrick area, lost and scared. A good Samaritan found Sissy and brought her into HSoP. Sissy did not have any form of identification, and no missing reports had been filed with HSoP. Soon after arriving, Sissy’s condition was obvious to HSoP staff and the veterinarians at Animal Clinic. Sissy was homeless, and pregnant with seven puppies! The care for an expecting mother began! Staff worked quickly to find a way to help Sissy stay more comfortable during her pregnancy. High stress levels can send dogs in Sissy’s condition into premature labor, and this something the shelter staff worked diligently to avoid. Sissy received her own kiddie pool to nest in, any appropriate preventative care pregnant dogs can receive, and then we waited. Weeks later, her seven all male puppies arrived! Her puppies received preventative care, then mama and her puppies all found their forever homes in responsible and loving homes. What would have happened for Sissy and her litter had HSoP not been able to provide Sissy and her babies with their needed care or shelter? Instead of one stray dog, Kendrick would have had eight homeless, unfixed dogs that had no preventative care provided, adding to the over pet population issue facing Latah County. Who knows what would have happened to Sissy and her babies had she not been able to receive temporary housing at HSoP. "Bruce Wayne" When Bruce Wayne arrived from Potlatch in the summer of 2017, HSoP staff knew he had been patiently waiting for his super hero. Bruce was brought in by the Latah County Sheriffs Department. Bruce had been abused, and was needing help. Bruce was needing a safe, warm and loving place to rest as well as an eye surgery. He was suffering from microsabatosis that was causing entropia. Thanks to the support of our local pet community, HSoP was able to provide the much-needed surgery. Once Bruce was healed, he quickly found a wonderful loving forever home. Dogs like Bruce Wayne need our help. Without a shelter to go to, Bruce would have had no other option but to stay in an abusive home and would not have received the needed vet care. Now, Bruce is living life to the fullest with his super hero! "Stud and Muffin" In June of 2014, two dogs named Stud and Muffin were brought to HSoP, along with their mother, Misha, and seven puppies. The ten dogs were removed from a less than OK home, and were now in search of loving adoptive homes. The seven puppies, being as cute as puppies can be, were adopted in hardly any time at all. Stud and Muffin seemed to be a very close bonded pair. When they first arrived, Stud had some injuries from the other dogs. Muffin seemed determined to protect him at all costs, refusing to leave his side. The pair waited and waited and waited for an adopter to come in who was willing to adopt them together. Unfortunately, this day never came. The pair spent three years together at HSoP, and developed quite the following in that time. Visitors, volunteers, and staff alike all loved Stud and Muffin! They were popular on social media, too. Being in such close quarters with each other eventually led to bickering and anxiety between the pair. After consulting with their veterinarian, it was recommended to separate the duo and have them adopted into different homes. Stud and Muffin were separated for just a few short months before Muffin met her forever home! After taking a few days to settle in, Muffin was ecstatic to be living in her own home. Thankfully, Stud wasn't too far behind! Just about a month after Muffin left for her new life, Stud was adopted into his own loving forever home. The owners of each pup exchanged contact information, so they have the ability for Stud and Muffin to see each other in the future. After several long years of waiting, we are so incredibly happy for Stud, Muffin, and their new families! "Forest" Forest was found in November of 2019 after being hit by a car. Upon arrival to HSoP it was clear Forest suffered quite a few injuries. Forest was taken to the veterinarian, and we did X-rays on both of her back legs. We found two broken bones in each back leg, which meant Forest was going to have to wear casts on both back legs for roughly 8 weeks. Forest purred the entire time she was evaluated, and even after the casts were placed on her legs. She was just happy to get any attention from people. Forest required veterinary visits every four weeks for bandage changes and updated X-rays. She progressed extremely well, and after 8 long weeks of being in casts, Forest was finally free to learn to use her back legs again! Her rehabilitation took roughly four weeks of gaining back muscle and learning how to balance. The staff at HSoP worked hard to help Forest regain full function of her back legs, and were extremely proud of her determination to start walking! Forest was ready for adoption just in time for Valentines Day, and she found her forever home on February 14th! Without the generous donations we receive to our Merlin Fund, the care Forest received wouldn't have been possible! Our Merlin Fund is our life-saving medical fund, and it is designed specifically to give animals like Forest a second chance at life. "KC the CH Kitty" This special wobbly boy was surrendered to HSoP in July of 2021. His family loved him dearly but felt that he would benefit from a different home set up and that he needed a family who could spend more time with him. You see, KC was born with a congenital condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (called CH for short). Often called "Wobbly Cat Syndrome", CH affects the part of the brain that controls fine motor functions, balance, and coordination. This meant that KC would often slip, fall, and lose his balance when trying to walk. CH does not cause pain or discomfort for cats, and KC seemed to have no idea that he faced challenges that other kitties may not have to face. Despite his accidental falls, KC was always back on his feet in no time to try again. It was clear that this special boy deserved an equally special home. There were a few elements of the home that would make his life more comfortable and easier to navigate. He needed carpeted floors, a larger litter box, and no access to heights over four feet (so no tall cat trees or window perches). KC met his new family in August of 2021, and they quickly fell in love with this determined little guy! He is so happy in his new space, and we are thrilled to see that KC has found his match. "Mango" Mango was brought to HSoP as a stray in April of 2021, along with three of his siblings. The group of four were found running down the road and were extremely nervous when they first arrived. When we took a closer look at Mango, it appeared he was suffering from entropion in both of his eyes. There was a thick white goop coming from his eyes, and he seemed to keep them closed more often than open. Entropion is a condition where the eyelid rolls inward instead of outward like it usually would. This can cause pain, scratched corneas, and impaired vision. It appeared Mango had been living with entropion his whole life and had to deal with the pain it caused him all on his own. ​ Mango's wonderful veterinarians at Animal Clinic & Hospital suggested he receive a surgery to fix the entropion in each of his eyes. We deployed our Merlin Fund for lifesaving medical care to cover the cost of his corrective surgery. After a short healing period, Mr. Mango was feeling and looking good as new! We imagine it must have been a huge relief to finally see clearly. In addition to his improved eyesight, we saw a bigger and brighter smile come from this lovable guy. Mango met his new family in May of 2021 and was so excited to go home with them! This sweet boy got the sweet outcome he truly deserved, and we couldn't be happier for him and his new family.

  • Soup & Pie | HSoP

    Soup & Pie Help those who cannot help themselves by enjoying soup and pie! Monday, February 27th, 2023, from 11am-1pm, join HSoP for some amazing soup and a slice of heaven at the 1912 Center here in Moscow. With a donation of $10.00 per lunch, you'll be helping HSoP provide care to homeless companion animals within our community. See more than one slice of pie that you would like? Buy whole pies for an additional donation or make up your own pies by the slice. Tickets can be purchased at the door with cash, card, or check. There will also be a small raffle during the event, and raffle tickets can be purchased with cash, card, or check. Do you like baking and helping homeless pets? We're in need of pie donations! Email Lauren at to learn more about donating homemade pie for this event. ​ We're also in need of a few people w ho can volunteer to help the event run smoothly. Volunteers are needed from 10:30am to 1:30pm on Monday, February 27th. Email Lauren at for more information. Thank you to our 2023 presenting sponsor: Our friends at P1FCU are helping to make the Soup and Pie Luncheon more successful than ever before! By helping us cover the out-of-pocket expenses that come along with the event, P1FCU is ensuring that 100% of funds raised will go directly toward supporting the efforts of HSoP. Thank you P1FCU! We truly appreciate your support and generosity. Thank you to our 2023 soup donors: Thank you to our 2023 beverage donor: Thank you to our 2023 raffle donors:

  • Quarterly Newsletter Archive | HSoP

    HSoP Quarterly Newsletter Archive Every three months, we send out a quarterly e-newsletter that summarizes all of the important and adorable happenings at HSoP. It details our favorite events and fundraisers, heart-warming adoption stories, acts of kindness from our community, and, of course, adorable photos of HSoP animals! If you'd like to join our mailing list and receive these newsletters as soon as they're sent out, be sure to sign up at the bottom of our website. To read through any of our previous newsletters, follow the links below. Quarterly Newsletter 1: April - June 2021 Quarterly Newsletter 2: July - September 2021 Quarterly Newsletter 3: October - December 2021 Quarterly Newsletter 4: January - March 2022 Quarterly Newsletter 5: April - June 2022 Quarterly Newsletter 6: July - September 2022 Quarterly Newsletter 7: October - December 2022

  • Event Volunteering | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Event Volunteering HSoP holds several annual fundraising events, many of which require volunteers to ensure the event is running smoothly. Event Volunteering is a great opportunity for clubs, community, business and philanthropic groups to support an organization with a great cause. Soup and Pie Held every February, Soup and Pie is a social luncheon where HSoP supporters can enjoy a bowl of soup and a slice of pie. Volunteers at our soup and pie event are responsible for selling tickets at the door, admitting those with tickets purchased online, serving soup to attendees, and slicing up delicious pie for all of those who came to support our animals. Volunteers are also extremely helpful for the setup and teardown of event materials (tables, chairs, decorations, food, etc.). ​ Paw-Louse 5K Fun Run & Walk Paw-Louse Fun run is a fun outing for all family members (including the furry ones) that starts and ends at the corner of Rail Road and Sweet Ave. Volunteers make this event possible by handing out water and snacks, distributing T-shirts, setting up the 5k route, and helping to keep our participants (people and dogs alike!) on track. Howling at Hamilton The Sunday after Labor Day, at the Hamilton Lowe Aquatic Center, it’s the dogs’ day at the pool. With dog dock diving contest. Volunteers have a great time at this event! Some volunteers collect entrance fees at the gate, while others sell toys and treats to those who attend. A few lucky volunteers will even get to help judge the pool jumping contest! Pet Pictures with Santa Each December, patrons and their pets spread the holiday cheer while posing with Santa. Our volunteers help bring Christmas joy by setting up the photo station, cleaning up after the fact, and keeping our photogenic furry friends entertained. Volunteers also help us to collect the funds from this event. Are you interested in being an event volunteer for HSoP? We would love to have you on our team! Feel free to call us at (208)883-1166 or email Lauren, our Public Relations Manager at . Thank you for thinking of our animals!

  • City of Moscow Dog License | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    City of Moscow Dog Licensing Did you know that all dogs living within the city limits of Moscow need to be licensed with the City of Moscow? We can help with that! The Humane Society can only accept cash or check payments for City of Moscow fees. ***If you would like to pay with a card, we recommend licensing your dog at the Moscow Police Department.*** HSoP Hours of Operation : ​Monday through Saturday from 1:00-6:00pm Lifetime tag costs: ​ $25.00 for a spayed or neutered dog ​ $35.00 for an intact dog City of Moscow Dog License

  • Trap-Neuter-Return | HSoP

    Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Free-roaming cats (feral and stray) are the biggest source of homeless kittens every year. HSoP takes in nearly 250 kittens per summer, and 1/2 of those kittens come in without a mom. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) will prevent unwanted cat births, reduce the feline infectious diseases in our area, and lower the number of unowned, homeless pets in our county. The Humane Society of the Palouse does not accept feral cats into our shelter. TNR Application TNR Agreement Be a life-saver and donate to our TNR fund today! Donate HSoP has created a TNR program to assist the residents of Latah County with feral cats on their property. Our TNR program will provide feral caregivers in our community the ability to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and ear-tip their feral cats at participating veterinary clinics. This program is free to all Latah County residents, but a suggested $20.00 donation is appreciated. Our newly created TNR program is dedicated to our feral felines here in Latah County. Feral cats are wild and not domesticated, meaning they are not suited to be a house pet. Feral cats do not want to be around people, and are better fit for sheds, barns, and garages. For more information on feral cats click here. HSoP can loan out live-traps for you catch your feral cat(s) safely and humanely. We do require a $50.00 cash or check deposit that will be returned to you when the trap is brought back to us. TNR Process: Apply for the TNR program through HSoP. You must submit the TNR Application and the TNR Agreement to HSoP.​ Forms can be emailed to: or mailed to HSoP: ​​2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843. HSoP will review your application, and send you the coupon when you are approved. ​Once you receive your TNR coupon from us, call the participating veterinary clinic to schedule your surgery drop-off time. ​ North Palouse Veterinary Clinic (208) 875-109 Cedar Veterinary Hospital (208) 882- 1772 Set your live-trap For tips and tricks on trapping, click here. ​ Transport your feral cat(s) to the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time.​ Bring TNR coupon(s) along to the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time. HSoP will not reimburse for past procedures. ​ Pick up your feral cat(s) from the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time. Return your feral cat(s) back to your property and release them, following any recommendations the veterinarian gave you. Why should you return the cat(s) back to your property? If a feral cat showed up on your property and won't leave, it is there for a reason. It may have found good shelter in your barn, or a good source of food like rodents. If the feral cat feels like it has everything it needs, it will stay. If you remove that cat, another cat will move in for the same reasons the first cat did. By keeping your feral cat on your property after it has been through our TNR, you will have one cat who will protect your property and will be less likely to allow another cat to enter.

  • Shelter Statistics | Humane Society of the Palouse

    Life-saving statistics It's important for our supporters to know how their contributions are used, and how many lives we save each year. Below you will find our statistics for the calendar year of 2022 (January-December). Total animals brought to HSoP: 431 Total animals adopted: 223 Total animals returned to owner: 198 Lives saved through our Merlin Fund: 8 2022 save rate: 98% Total owned pets microchipped: 52 Total name tags made for owned pets: 64 Total owned pets fixed through SNAP program: 27 Total feral cats fixed through TNR Program: 68 Total owned pets assisted through our Pet Supply Pantry: 1,600 Total HSoP volunteers: 216 Total hours spent volunteering at HSoP: 1,106 For a closer look at what 2022 looked like for HSoP, be sure to read through our 2022 Annual Report!

  • Animal Intake Process | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Intake Process Intake Process Stray animals ​ If you have found a stray pet, click here. If you have found a stray pet after hours, click here. ​ Stray dogs that are found in the city limits of Moscow are held for 10 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray dogs that are found in Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray cats that are found either in city limits of Moscow or Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. ​ Upon arrival, HSoP staff immediately search for any identification (collar, ID tags, and microchips). If the animal has identification we contact the owners to alert them their animal is safe with us, and waiting to be picked up. If the animal does not have identification, or we cannot get a hold of the owners, we post a picture and description of the animal to our Facebook page. ​ For information on fees when claiming your lost pet, click here. ​ If the animal is not claimed during the stray holding period, we begin the process of getting the animal ready for adoption. All animals adopted from HSoP are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to leaving the shelter. ​ ​ Owner Surrendered animals ​ Animals may be surrendered to HSoP for any number of reasons. HSoP does not accept aggressive animals, or animals with a known bite history. When an animal is surrendered to HSoP, we immediately start the process of getting them ready for adoption. If the animal is not already, we will spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip them. ​ For more information about owner surrenders, click here. *** HSoP is a no-kill shelter, which means we are limited admission intake. We do not euthanize animals for space. When our kennels are full we do have to place animals on our wait list to be brought into the shelter when space is available. Our wait list is dependent on our adoption rates. The quicker our animals find loving homes, the quicker we can bring new animals into HSoP. ​ Dog Bite Quarantine Holds ​ For more information about dog bite quarantine holds at HSoP, click here. ​ Feral Cats ​ HSoP does not have the capacity or safe-housing to take feral cats into our shelter. For more information on feral cats, click here. ​ Other Animals ​ HSoP does not have the space or safe-housing to take in birds or reptiles. HSoP does accept "pocket pets", such as ferrets, rabbits, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. We are limited on space for our small animal friends, so we do keep a wait list for animals to come in when we are full. Found Pets Found Pets Read through our resource sheet for Found Pets . ​ Contact HSoP (208) 883-1166 to leave a "found" report, and see if an owner has contacted us missing this pet. ​​ Dogs found in Moscow and Latah County may be brought to the HSoP for holding until an owner is located.​ HSoP can also scan any found pet for a microchip. This service is also available at veterinary clinics. Contact your local police department or sheriff's office. An owner may have left a report with them. Moscow Police (208) 882-2677 Sheriff's Office (208) 882-2216 Make flyers in eye-catching colors with a photo and description of the found pet. Post flyers in your neighborhood, local shelters, veterinary hospitals, local websites, and grocery and feed stores. Even if the animal is in the shelter, these efforts will help the animal return home. Be aware that it is against City Code to post flyers on public property, such as telephone poles. ​ ​"The City of Moscow would like to remind citizens of the limits on posting signs or posters. Per City Code Title 10 Section 1-22, posters or signs may not be attached on property that does not belong to the poster without first obtaining the consent of the property owner or their agent. Also, posting signs on public property or right of way is prohibited. The City does provide a free public bulletin board in Friendship Square for posting notices that is available to the public." If an owner has not been identified after the holding period, the animal will be evaluated for adoption. To learn more about procedures for stray animals visit our Intake Process page. The holding period for found dogs in the city​ is 10 days. The holding period for found dogs in the county is 6 days. The holding period for found cats is 6 days. ​ Cats are allowed to roam freely in Latah County. If you feel a cat is indeed a stray, please contact us prior to bringing the cat in. If the cat is friendly and you are able to handle it, please put the cat in a carrier and call HSoP to let us know you plan on bringing in a stray cat. We currently cannot accept feral cats. We are currently working on a solution for finding feral cats new homes. Stray Pets Found After Hours Stray Pets Found After Hours If you found a stray dog in Moscow city limits, you may call the non-emergency police line at (208) 882-2677 to have a Moscow Police Officer impound the dog at HSoP. The dog will be placed in our indoor kennels with food, water, and a bed until HSoP staff arrives the following morning. We will scan the pet for any identification, and start the process of reuniting the pet with their owner. ​ If you found a stray dog in Latah County limits, you may call (208)882-2216 to have a Latah County Deputy impound the dog at HSoP. The dog will be placed in our indoor kennels with food, water, and a bed until HSoP staff arrives the following morning. We will scan the pet for any identification, and start the process of reuniting the pet with their owner. ​ There is no assistance for stray cats found in Moscow or Latah County. ​ If you find an injured stray pet after HSoP and the local veterinary clinics have closed, you can call Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital at 509-335-0711. Owner Surrenders Owner Surrendering Companion Animals Cat Owner Surrender Form Dog Owner Surrender Form We understand there are circumstances where finding your pet a new home may seem like the best option… In the event you can no longer care for your pet, contact us at (208) 883-1166 to discuss how HSoP can help. While we would love to accept all animals, for the safety of our animals and staff we are unable to accept the following: ​ Animals with known aggression problems or behavioral disturbances, which would prevent them from being adopted Animals that have bitten someone Animals with known contagious or fatal diseases Feral animals How do you surrender a pet? Please understand that as a limited-access, no-kill facility, we do not have room for all animals. In order to stay a no-kill facility, HSoP does not euthanize to make space. That being said, to adhere to our no-kill stance we are unable to offer “walk-in” owner surrenders . Please contact HSoP to discuss our owner surrender process prior to arriving at HSoP with your owned pet. ​ How many animals we adopt out decides how many animals we can take in, and this includes stray animals. Once HSoP reaches our care capacity, we cannot take in more animals. Call (208) 883-1166 OR email: Owner Surrender Fees: Feline Owner Surrender Adult Feline Owner Surrender under 6 months Canine Owner Surrender under 2 months Canine Owner Surrender 2-6 months Canine Owner Surrender Fee Adult $35 $15 $15 $25 $50 ​ ​ To help HSoP better find the best possible home, we ask owners to fill out a personality profile for their pet. ​ HSoP also requires a copy of any medical care an owned animal has received. Including but not limited to, spay/neuter and vaccination information. HSoP asks for a copy of any medical care provided, but surrendered animals are NOT required to be up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered prior to arrival. Hours of operation ​ Open Monday through Saturday from 1:00-6:00pm. Closed Sundays. If HSoP does not have space, what next? ​ View our resource page for Pet Rehoming Services and Assistance . ​ If your pet is spayed/neutered, we can help advertise your pet on our Petfinder page . We will create a courtesy listing for your pet, and advertise them along with our other adoptable pets. HSoP will only assist in the advertising, and you will be in control of the re-homing process. You will decide if there is a re-homing fee, home checks, or any other adoption requirements for your pet. The goal of courtesy listing is to help your pet find a new home, without needing to come into HSoP. If you would like HSoP to courtesy list your pet, please call us at (208)883-1166. ​ Alternatively, you can list your pet to be rehomed through Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet. This service allows you to create your own free listing to advertise your pet to others. It offers screening questions, resources for choosing a good family, and full control over where your pet goes. Your pet does not need to be spayed/neutered to use this service, but the new owners are obligated to have your pet fixed within 30 days of adoption. The adoption fee is passed along to the referring shelter or shelter of your choice, which helps us to care for any homeless pets that make their way into our facility. If you need assistance getting your pet spayed/neutered, click this button: S.N.A.P. Dog Bite Quarantine Hold FAQs Dog Bite Quarantine FAQ

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