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  • Adoptable Animals | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Meet our Adoptable Pets Adoption Applications If you are looking for a specific type of animal, please call us at (208)883-1166. We can put you on our waitlist to contact you when we have an animal that fits what you are looking for. Pirate Kittens 3 Males, 1 Female Roughly 9 weeks old Domestic Mediumhair View my listing Are you looking for a working barn kitty to help with your rodent population? Check our Barn Buddy page to see who we have available! To view a full list of our adoptable pets, visit our PetFinder page! HSoP Petfinder

  • Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    HSoP is open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00-4:30 pm. We will still be available by appointment only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until further notice. SAVE A PET,​ ​​​​DONATE NOW!​ Available: Kittens! 4 kittens currently available. Most wanted and needed shelter items. Visit our Amazon Wishlist! Available: Kittens! 4 kittens currently available. 1/5 Wobbles, forever the queen of HSoP ♥ The Five Freedoms HSoP is dedicated to providing the animals in our facility with the highest level of care possible during their stay with us. Adhering to the Five Freedoms ensures we are giving the companion animals in our care everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. Staff monitors each pet at HSoP individually to identify their specific mental and physical needs, so we can be sure to give them the most humane treatment during their temporary stay with us. Our shelter is committed to providing animals with: 1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst An adequate and healthful diet, with ready access to fresh drinking water. 2. Freedom from Discomfort An appropriate living environment including a clean and comfortable resting area. 3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease Prevention or rapid diagnosis, and treatment for injury or illness. 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviors Sufficient space, exercise, and ability to be with animal's own kind. 5. Freedom from Fear and Distress Conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering and stress. Enrichment Program Help us keep our pets happy! ​ Here at HSoP we strive to ensure our animals receive the highest level of care possible. This includes physical, mental, and emotional stimulation while they stay with us. We do our best to make sure each animal in our facility receives all preventative and necessary medical attention, as well as enrichment in their kennels to keep them entertained. Did you know animals can go stir crazy when they are confined in a small space for periods of time with no distractions? This is a common issue for animal shelters nationwide, and we are determined to limit that likelihood as much as possible for the animals here at HSoP. The staff here at HSoP are dedicated to making sure each animal has plenty of stimulation both physical and mental, to keep them from getting bored. Our wonderful volunteers help with this by taking the animals out of their kennels for some free time in a different area. ​ ​ ​ ​ Our dogs enjoy going to their outside kennels and side yard to play fetch, stretch their legs, and change their scenery! Our cats love to get out of their kennels and go into our adoption room so they can stretch their legs, chase some toys, and get some extra special cuddles! Thank you Nylabone for donating roughly 250 Chews! We want our animals to have a great experience here while they wait for their new homes, so we are starting an Enrichment Program. This program will be dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to keep our furry friends busy and happy in their kennels! To achieve this goal of ours, we need your help! We have created a Wishlist on our amazon of all the items we think could be of great use for this program. We hope you will take a moment to browse through our list and pick a few things you would like to donate to our furry friends here at HSoP!… Donations can be mailed to 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 Thank you Starmark for donating 25 treat dispensing chew balls! Thank you Petfinder Foundation for your grant of 15 Kong Toys to benefit our canine friends of HSoP. With this grant we are able to provide our dogs with both mental and physical stimulation. Keeping our animals happy and healthy during their stay with us is our number one priority. With donations and grants like this, we can continue to give our animals the highest quality of care possible.

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    Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Free-roaming cats (feral and stray) are the biggest source of homeless kittens every year. HSoP takes in nearly 250 kittens per summer, and 1/2 of those kittens come in without a mom. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) will prevent unwanted cat births, reduce the feline infectious diseases in our area, and lower the number of unowned, homeless pets in our county. The Humane Society of the Palouse does not accept feral cats into our shelter. TNR Application TNR Agreement Be a life-saver and donate to our TNR fund today! Donate HSoP has created a TNR program to assist the residents of Latah County with feral cats on their property. Our TNR program will provide feral caregivers in our community the ability to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and ear-tip their feral cats at participating veterinary clinics. This program is free to all Latah County residents, but a suggested $20.00 donation is appreciated. Our newly created TNR program is dedicated to our feral felines here in Latah County. Feral cats are wild and not domesticated, meaning they are not suited to be a house pet. Feral cats do not want to be around people, and are better fit for sheds, barns, and garages. For more information on feral cats click here. HSoP can loan out live-traps for you catch your feral cat(s) safely and humanely. We do require a $50.00 cash or check deposit that will be returned to you when the trap is brought back to us. TNR Process: Apply for the TNR program through HSoP. You must submit the TNR Application and the TNR Agreement to HSoP.​ Forms can be emailed to: or mailed to HSoP: ​​2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843. HSoP will review your application, and send you the coupon when you are approved. ​Once you receive your TNR coupon from us, call the participating veterinary clinic to schedule your surgery drop-off time. Cedar Veterinary Hospital (208)882-1772​ North Palouse Veterinary Clinic (208)875-1096 Set your live-trap For tips and tricks on trapping, click here. ​ Transport your feral cat(s) to the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time.​ Bring TNR coupon(s) along to the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time. HSoP will not reimburse for past procedures. ​ Pick up your feral cat(s) from the veterinary clinic at your scheduled time. Return your feral cat(s) back to your property and release them, following any recommendations the veterinarian gave you. Why should you return the cat(s) back to your property? If a feral cat showed up on your property and won't leave, it is there for a reason. It may have found good shelter in your barn, or a good source of food like rodents. If the feral cat feels like it has everything it needs, it will stay. If you remove that cat, another cat will move in for the same reasons the first cat did. By keeping your feral cat on your property after it has been through our TNR, you will have one cat who will protect your property and will be less likely to allow another cat to enter.

  • Past | HSoP

    WE'RE EXPECTING! It's a, it's a girl...wait...IT'S KITTENS! We are throwing ourselves a kitten shower to help us prepare for kitten season! Due to Covid-19, we are going to have this virtual event! What is Kitten Season? As the weather warms, hundreds of kittens begin to arrive at HSoP. Beginning as soon as the nights are no longer freezing or below in the spring and lasting until when freezing begins again during the fall. Kitten Season usually begins in April, and can last until October. Due to the warmer weather, more cats are freely roaming outdoors. Many outdoor cats are not spayed/neutered, so they are looking for mates. Cats are seasonally polyestrous, meaning they can have multiple heat cycles during their breeding season. Breeding season for cats is during warmer weather and longer daylight hours. ​ What is a kitten shower? A kitten shower is much like a baby shower, but instead of planning for one new baby to care for and feed...we are planning for over 250! Prior to Covid, HSoP would host a kitten shower event at the 1912 center in Moscow. We would host games, kitten snuggling, contests, and foster information booths. This year, we are hosting this virtually! HSoP will be using our website and Facebook to post videos and infographics about kitten season. ​ When is the kitten shower? We will begin our week-long virtual kitten shower at the end of April! HSoP will be posting videos and infographics about kitten season on our social media and our website. During this time we will be informing our community about kitten season, how they can assist HSoP in our life-saving efforts, discussing our foster program, and asking for donations. ​ How can you help? HSoP relies heavily on monetary donations, and donated supplies. Each litter of kittens at HSoP can cost roughly $600.00 (this includes their care, housing, food, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and spay/neuter). Many times HSoP will receive kittens needing extraordinary medical attention, so we need the communities help to offer these homeless kittens a second chance at life! Monetary donations can mailed to: 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 or through PayPal at: PayPal Donated supplies can be dropped off or shipped to: 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 ​ Click here to view our current Kitten Wishlist on Amazon! ​ We are constantly in need of Gift Cards to: Spence Hardware Pets are People Too Rite Aid Walgreens Wal-Mart Petco

  • Board of Directors | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Board of Directors Karen Den Braven President Scott Smith Vice President Beverly Rhoades Treasurer Pam Vander Zanden Secretary Susila Bales, DVM Emily Spellman ​ McKenna Caples Sandra Kelly ​ Chris Schwartz ​ Dan Cordon ​ James Johnson (Ding) ​ Cari Espenschade ​ Alan Espenschade Jessica Dahlinger

  • Community Partners | HSoP

    Community Partners Do you know the saying 'it takes a village' ? Well, the same can be said for supporting homeless pets in Latah County. HSoP truly would not be possible without the helping hands of community members and local businesses. On this page, we would like to pay tribute to our wonderful partners who make our lifesaving work possible. Thank you to each and every person and business who have helped us over the years. Your time, donations, supplies, and services have come together to save countless lives. Cedar Ridge Construction has always been a great supporter of HSoP. We reached out to them to discuss having a small gate installed in our dog kennels to help section off our quarantine area, where we keep dogs with unknown vaccine and behavioral histories. Nathan from Cedar Ridge Construction came to HSoP and got the job for no charge! We applaud Cedar Ridge Construction for going out of their way to assist us with keep our dogs and visitors safe. Thank you Cedar Ridge Construction! Moscow Realty has been a generous and consistent partner to HSoP for so long! They have sponsored several pet adoption fees, were one of our Shelter Sidekicks during kitten season 2021, and helped us to clear out our shelters by sponsoring two cat adoption fees! We love Moscow Realty and their team like family. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for all you do! Washington Trust Bank jumped in to help us find homes for our dogs with no hesitation at all. For more than a year, Washington Trust Bank has looked for ways to help the homeless pets in their community. This year, they sponsored five half-off dog adoptions during our Clear the Shelters adoption event. Thank you Washington Trust Bank! Idaho Central Credit Union has gone above and beyond for HSoP! The lovely people at ICCU donated three amazing prizes for the pool jumping contest at Howling at Hamilton, along with 400 water bottles to hand out to the attendees! ICCU didn't stop there, they also provided us a sizeable gift card to Pets Are People Too! We couldn't be more grateful for their support and collaboration. Thanks Idaho Central Credit Union! Moscow Brewing Company went out of their way to sponsor an adoption fee during Clear the Shelters! The people at Moscow Brewing Company have always done what they can to help support local homeless animals. We appreciate your support and kindness, Moscow Brewing Company! Umpqua Bank went above and beyond for the homeless pets at HSoP! During this year's Clear the Shelters adoption event, Umpqua Bank covered the cost of three cat adoptions! Umpqua Bank's generosity has really stood out through the years. We appreciate all of your help and assistance, and we're lucky to have such a loyal community partner! Thank you Umpqua Bank! Red Star Coffee Company helped us to clear out our shelter by sponsoring a cat adoption fee during our Clear the Shelters adoption event. Because of their generosity, Red Star was able to unite a homeless cat with her new forever home. Thank you for your help Red Star Coffee Company!

  • Staff | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Meet the HSoP Staff Animal Care Attendants HSoP Animal Care Attendants (ACA) properly care for and humanely and safely handle all companion animals under HSoP care until they are reunited with their families or adopted into loving and responsible homes through adoption counseling. Megan C. Courtney B. Kassidy C. Shelter Director The Shelter Director is responsible for the effective and efficient daily operation of the Humane Society of the Palouse, ensuring that all animals are properly cared for and humanely and safely handled. The Shelter Director is also responsible for the management and training of staff, and financial tasks, reporting, and record-keeping. Sierah B. Public Relations Manager The Public Relations Manager is responsible for fundraising efforts, organizing events, communicating with the public, and maintaining strong relationships within the Latah County community. The Public Relations Manager also ensures that HSoP keeps a consistent and positive position in the public's eye. Lauren G. For sponsorship, donor, and event inquiries, please contact Lauren at

  • Events | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Annual Events HSoP hosts and participates in several yearly events to help raise funds for our lifesaving efforts. Many of these are long-standing traditions that we've hosted for decades! As our community continues to reopen, we're ecstatic to finally host these fun-tastic events again. For a quick look at each of our annual events, see below! If you'd like to know about our upcoming events, be sure to visit the events calendar. Soup & Pie Luncheon When: February Where: 1912 Center What: HSoP's annual soup and pie luncheon is the tastiest way to support your local animal shelter. For just $10, you can enjoy delicious soup and pie with great company! This long-time event brings together compassionate people with good food for a worthy cause. Kitten Shower When: April Where: 1912 Center What: Our annual kitten shower is a donation drive intended to generate useful supplies as we head into kitten season . Come cuddle some furry friends and learn about proper pet care while you're here! We ask attendees to bring in donation items off our wish list to help offset the costs of kitten season. Idaho Gives When: May Where: Online What: Idaho Gives is an annual week-long giving event for hundreds of nonprofits within the state of Idaho. Participating organizations are able to set fundraising goals and supporters can watch the donations grow in real time! Nonprofits have the chance to gain thousands in additional funding by winning one of the many available prizes . Paw-Louse 5K Fun Run and Walk When: June Where: University of Idaho Campus What: Our annual Paw-Louse 5K is a chance for people to bring their pups together for a great cause! Take a gorgeous stroll down the Paradise Path in Moscow, and enjoy complimentary water and snacks. All registration funds directly benefit HSoP! Howling at Hamilton When: September Where: Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center What: The canine event of the summer! Each year, Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center welcomes us to host a dog day at the pool before being drained for winter. Pooch pals are welcome to take a dip in the pool, make some new furry friends, and even take part in a pool jumping contest! You won't want to miss out on this. Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse When: December Where: Latah County Fairgrounds What: AGMP is an organization focused on encouraging gift-giving in the form of donations and useful supplies to local nonprofits. Primarily active during the holiday season, AGMP successfully raises tens of thousands of dollars per year for local organizations in need. Thanks for all you do AGMP! Pet Pictures with Santa When: December Where: Pets are People Too What: Jolly ol' Saint Nick always manages to make time for our amazing pets. Each December, Mr. Clause joins us at Pets Are People Too to spread Christmas cheer with all. Bring your best friend in for a festive photo or two! Photos each cost $15, which is then donated to fund lifesaving efforts here at HSoP. All we can say is: we wish we had Santa's job!