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  • Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    SAVE A PET,​ ​​​​DONATE NOW!​ Support HSoP Kaya Roughly 8 years old. Queenie Roughly 6 years old. Our pet food pantry is here to help! Need pet food? We have you covered. Kaya Roughly 8 years old. 1/11 Wobbles, forever the queen of HSoP ♥ The Five Freedoms HSoP is dedicated to providing the animals in our facility with the highest level of care possible during their stay with us. Adhering to the Five Freedoms ensures we are giving the companion animals in our care everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. Staff monitors each pet at HSoP individually to identify their specific mental and physical needs, so we can be sure to give them the most humane treatment during their temporary stay with us. Our shelter is committed to providing animals with: 1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst An adequate and healthful diet, with ready access to fresh drinking water. 2. Freedom from Discomfort An appropriate living environment including a clean and comfortable resting area. 3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease Prevention or rapid diagnosis, and treatment for injury or illness. 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviors Sufficient space, exercise, and ability to be with animal's own kind. 5. Freedom from Fear and Distress Conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering and stress. Enrichment Program Help us keep our pets happy! ​ Here at HSoP we strive to ensure our animals receive the highest level of care possible. This includes physical, mental, and emotional stimulation while they stay with us. We do our best to make sure each animal in our facility receives all preventative and necessary medical attention, as well as enrichment in their kennels to keep them entertained. Did you know animals can go stir crazy when they are confined in a small space for periods of time with no distractions? This is a common issue for animal shelters nationwide, and we are determined to limit that likelihood as much as possible for the animals here at HSoP. The staff here at HSoP are dedicated to making sure each animal has plenty of stimulation both physical and mental, to keep them from getting bored. Our wonderful volunteers help with this by taking the animals out of their kennels for some free time in a different area. ​ Thank you Nylabone for donating roughly 250 Chews! Our dogs enjoy going to their outside kennels and side yard to play fetch, stretch their legs, and change their scenery! Our cats love to get out of their kennels and go into our adoption room so they can stretch their legs, chase some toys, and get some extra special cuddles! We want our animals to have a great experience here while they wait for their new homes, so we are starting an Enrichment Program. This program will be dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to keep our furry friends busy and happy in their kennels! To achieve this goal of ours, we need your help! We have created a Wishlist on our amazon of all the items we think could be of great use for this program. We hope you will take a moment to browse through our list and pick a few thin gs you would like to donate to our furry friends here at HSoP! ​ Donations can be mailed to 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 Thank you Starmark for donating 25 treat dispensing chew balls! Thank you Petfinder Foundation for your grant of 15 Kong Toys to benefit our canine friends of HSoP. With this grant we are able to provide our dogs with both mental and physical stimulation. Keeping our animals happy and healthy during their stay with us is our number one priority. With donations and grants like this, we can continue to give our animals the highest quality of care possible.

  • Adoptable Animals | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Meet our Adoptable Pets! Adoption Applications If you are looking for a specific type of animal, please call us at (208)883-1166. We can put you on our waitlist to contact you when we have an animal that fits what you are looking for. Fozzie Rottweiler Mix Neutered Male Roughly 3 Years Old View my profile Kaya Malamute Mix Spayed Female Roughly 8 Years Old View my profile Clove Medium Mixed Breed Spayed Female Roughly 8 Years Old View my profile Nosferatu Rex Rabbit Male Roughly 3 Years Old View my profile Hattie Medium Mixed Breed Spayed Female Roughly 4 Years Old View my profile Froggy German Shepherd Mix Neutered Male Roughly 6 Years Old View my profile Que enie Domestic Shorthair Spayed Female Roughly 6 Years Old View my profile Porky Pit Bull Mix Neutered Male Roughly 8 Years Old View my profile Are you looking for a working barn kitty to help with your rodent population? Check our Barn Buddy page to see who we have available! To view a full list of our adoptable pets, visit our PetFinder page! HSoP Petfinder

  • Barn Buddy Program | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    HSoP Barn Buddy Program Available Barn Cats: Skillet, spayed f emale, roughly 2 years old, domestic sho rthair tortiseshell Barn cats help to earn their keep by: Controlling the rodent population Reducing your need to use mouse trap/poisons Saving you money on feed grain spoilage/ loss Requirements: We do not place cats that are best suited to be house pets and we don’t place kittens under age four months as barn cats, unless they are feral/semi-feral. Click here for an application A secure, dry barn or building for shelter with heat source is required. ​ As a non-profit organization, we appreciate a donation to cover the cost of the spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, Felv test, de-worming and other needed preventative care. We ask for a $25.00 donation. The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a stall, small room, or crate for two to four weeks (depends on the cats and the barn) to acclimate them to their new environment before release. A constant supply of dry food and fresh water. The willingness to trap the cats to provide licensed veterinary care in the event of a severe injury or illness. HSoP does not take in Feral Cats. Click here for more information. How to care for your Barn Buddy Congratulations and thank you for participating in our Barn Buddy program. ​ The following articles have great information on how to properly care for your new buddy. How to Raise a Barn Cat Right ​ How to Keep Mice Out of Sheds and Barns How to Best Care for Barn Cats

  • Fees | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    HSoP Fees HSoP Adoption Fees Feline Adoption Fee (any age): 2nd Feline Adoption within 6 Months: Cat Carriers: Canine Adoption Fee (any age): 2nd Canine Adoption within 6 Months: Small Animal Adoption Fee: $95.00 $47.50 $5.00 $135.00 $67.50 $30.00 Adopt HSoP Fees for releasing an owned stray animal Boarding of a stray feline: Boarding of a stray canine: Canine Intake Fee: Feline Intake Fee: $5.00/night $10.00/night $20.00 $10.00 ​ Why is there a boarding fee? ​ Any feline that is at HSoP, costs HSoP $5.00 per feline per day to provide food, water, litter, shelter and staff wages to attend to that feline. Any canine that is at HSoP, costs HSoP $10.00 per canine per day to provide food, water, shelter and staff wages to attend to that canine. Without charging owners boarding fees for the services provided by HSoP, HSoP would not be able to provide a safe place for stray animals to temporarily stay while the owners are reached. ​ Why is there an intake fee? Anytime a kennel is in use, it limits the amount of animals HSoP can take in. Should an animal need to utilize a kennel, there is a fee associated with that use, and the staff wages to provide that kennel and properly sanitize between use. ​ Medical care for stray owned animals: ​ Should a owned stray arrive at HSoP in need of immediate veterinary care and an owner cannot be contacted, HSoP will use their vet partner to provide needed care to stabilize the stray animal. Owners will be required to pay any vet care costs associated with stabilization and pain management before their animal can be released back to their care. ​ ​ City of Moscow Fees *** An Impound is any stray animal brought into HSoP by a City of Moscow affiliate, for example, if brought in by a Moscow Police Officer or Animal Control Officer.*** These fees are to the city. HSoP can only accept cash or check. If writing a check, it must be made out to City of Moscow. Impound Fee: ​ ​ ​ City License Fee: 1st Impound 2nd Impound 3rd Impound ​ If altered If intact $20.00 $30.00 $40.00 ​ $25.00 $35.00 Should an owner wish to discuss City Fees, please contact the City of Moscow Police Department at 208-882-2677. HSoP cannot waive these fees. City of Moscow fees must be waived by the Moscow Police Department. ​ To learn more about City of Moscow Animal Code: City of Moscow Code Intake Fees for Owned Animals Feline Owner Surrender under 6 months: Feline Owner Surrender Adult: Canine Owner Surrender under 2 months: Canine Owner Surrender 2-6 months: Canine Owner Surrender Adult: Small Animal Owner Surrender: $15 $35 $15 $25 $50 $15 To learn more about surrendering an owned animal: Owner Surrender

  • SNAP | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Spay & Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) If you have a pet that needs fixed but just can't quite afford the full cost of surgery, we can help. We maintain a special program to help people cover the cost of spaying and neutering their pets. This program is funded entirely by donations. There are no income limits to qualify for assistance, we simply ask that people use this program only if they truly need the help. Additionally, if you have some change to spare to this program, look for our donation banks on store counters all over Moscow. All funding from those banks will directly support SNAP. This is a coupon program open to all residents of Latah County, that need financial assistance with spaying or neutering their pet. We give you a coupon good for money off the price of a spay or neuter. $50.00 towards a spay, and $30.00 towards a neuter. Vouchers can be used at any veterinary office within Latah County, excluding Affordable Vet Care in Moscow. Please note: as of 3/28/2023, Cedar Veterinary Clinic is no longer participating in SNAP. SNAP Application If you need assistance, just drop by the shelter for a form or download and print the application. This form must be completed and then mailed into the address on the form. Please plan ahead when making your spay and neuter appointments, as it can take about two weeks to get the coupon in your hand, and you must have the coupon at the time of appointment. Sorry, but coupons can not be used to cover the expense of prior surgeries. If you have any other questions about this program, please contact us. You can help keep HSoP SNAP going! Please consider contributing to this much needed program. Every penny helps save lives. ​ You can donate online: ​ ​ ​ ​ (Please put "SNAP" in the comment) ​ Mail Checks to: HSoP P.O. Box 8847 Moscow, ID 83483 (Please put "SNAP" as the memo) ​ Or stop by HSoP! 2019 E. White Ave, Moscow ID

  • Found Tiny Kitten | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Found Tiny Kitten(s) Neonatal Kittens (1-day to 5-weeks old) best chance at survival is with their mom. If you find a kitten or litter of kittens under 6 weeks of age, watch from afar to see if mom comes back. Chances are mom is off hunting for food. Do not move or relocate the kittens until you know if there is a mom. If mom comes back, see if she is friendly. Will she let you pet her or feed her? If so, attempt to gather mom and babies into carriers. Call HSoP, so we can get them all in safely! If mom is not friendly, the best option is to wait until kittens are roughly eight weeks old. Kittens can be brought to HSoP to help socialize them and get them ready for adoption. Mom should be Trapped, fixed, and released. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept feral cats. We do offer a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program specifically for feral cats. This program provides the cage to trap feral cats, and HSoP will pay the full amount to have these cats vaccinated and sterilized to prevent more unwanted litters in the future. If you need help feeding mom or kittens, please call us to get some assistance with pet food. Visit our Food Pantry page for more information. If mom does not come back after five hours, it is safe to assume she is not coming back. Gather the kittens in a carrier or box, and give them a heating pad (always wrap the heating pad in a towel or blanket to avoid burning their delicate skin). Call HSoP immediately, and bring them to us as soon as possible. HSoP is always looking for new foster families. If you are interested in fostering the litter of kittens you found, or any kittens we have, check out our Foster page for more information!

  • Staff | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Meet the HSoP Staff Animal Care Attendants HSoP Animal Care Attendants (ACA) properly care for and humanely and safely handle all companion animals under HSoP care until they are reunited with their families or adopted into loving and responsible homes through adoption counseling. Megan Kassidy Shelter Director The Shelter Director is responsible for the effective and efficient daily operation of the Humane Society of the Palouse, ensuring that all animals are properly cared for and humanely and safely handled. The Shelter Director is also responsible for the management and training of staff, and financial tasks, reporting, and record-keeping. Sierah To reach Sierah directly, please contact her through email at Public Relations Manager The Public Relations Manager is responsible for fundraising efforts, organizing events, communicating with the public, and maintaining strong relationships within the Latah County community. The Public Relations Manager also ensures that HSoP keeps a consistent and positive position in the public's eye. Lauren For sponsorship, donor, and event inquiries, please contact Lauren at

  • Adoption Applications | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Adoption Applications Cat Pre-Adoption Application Cat Adoption Contract Dog Pre-Adoption Application Dog Adoption Contract Small Animal Application Applications can be emailed to To view our adoptable pets, click here!

  • Resources and Information | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Pet Resources HSoP Resource Library HSoP Animal Intake Process - Stray animals - Stray animals found after hours - Owner surrenders - Dog bite quarantine holds Feral cat information Kitten season I found a tiny kitten. What do I do now? Pet enrichment information Summer safety tips for pets Winter safety tips for pets

  • FAQs | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Frequently Asked Questions Click here to read about some of the fur kids HSoP has been able to help thanks to our generous community!

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