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    Meet our Adoptable Pets Adoption Applications If you are looking for a specific type of animal, please call us at (208)883-1166. We can put you on our waitlist to contact you when we have an animal that fits what you are looking for. Nemesis Neutered Male Roughly 3 years old Domestic Shorthair View me on Petfinder Chuck Neutered Male Roughly 3 years old Pitbull Terrier/Boxer Mix View me on Petfinder Zazu Neutered Male Roughly 2 years old Medium Mixed Breed View me on Petfinder Horse Neutered Male Roughly 3 years old Domestic Shorthair View me on Petfinder Are you looking for a working barn kitty to help with your rodent population? Check our Barn Buddy page to see who we have available! To view a full list of our adoptable pets, visit our PetFinder page! HSoP Petfinder

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    Beginning Monday, July 5th, HSoP will be open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00-4:30 pm. We will still be available by appointment only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until further notice. SAVE A PET,​ ​​​​DONATE NOW!​ Available: Horse! Roughly 3 years old. Available: Chuck! Roughly 3 years old. Visit our Amazon Wishlist! Available: Horse! Roughly 3 years old. 1/8 Wobbles, forever the queen of HSoP ♥ The Five Freedoms HSoP is dedicated to providing the animals in our facility with the highest level of care possible during their stay with us. Adhering to the Five Freedoms ensures we are giving the companion animals in our care everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. Staff monitors each pet at HSoP individually to identify their specific mental and physical needs, so we can be sure to give them the most humane treatment during their temporary stay with us. Our shelter is committed to providing animals with: 1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst An adequate and healthful diet, with ready access to fresh drinking water. 2. Freedom from Discomfort An appropriate living environment including a clean and comfortable resting area. 3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease Prevention or rapid diagnosis, and treatment for injury or illness. 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviors Sufficient space, exercise, and ability to be with animal's own kind. 5. Freedom from Fear and Distress Conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering and stress. Enrichment Program Help us keep our pets happy! ​ Here at HSoP we strive to ensure our animals receive the highest level of care possible. This includes physical, mental, and emotional stimulation while they stay with us. We do our best to make sure each animal in our facility receives all preventative and necessary medical attention, as well as enrichment in their kennels to keep them entertained. Did you know animals can go stir crazy when they are confined in a small space for periods of time with no distractions? This is a common issue for animal shelters nationwide, and we are determined to limit that likelihood as much as possible for the animals here at HSoP. The staff here at HSoP are dedicated to making sure each animal has plenty of stimulation both physical and mental, to keep them from getting bored. Our wonderful volunteers help with this by taking the animals out of their kennels for some free time in a different area. ​ ​ ​ ​ Our dogs enjoy going to their outside kennels and side yard to play fetch, stretch their legs, and change their scenery! Our cats love to get out of their kennels and go into our adoption room so they can stretch their legs, chase some toys, and get some extra special cuddles! Thank you Nylabone for donating roughly 250 Chews! Thank you Starmark for donating 25 treat dispensing chew balls! We want our animals to have a great experience here while they wait for their new homes, so we are starting an Enrichment Program. This program will be dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to keep our furry friends busy and happy in their kennels! To achieve this goal of ours, we need your help! We have created a Wishlist on our amazon of all the items we think could be of great use for this program. We hope you will take a moment to browse through our list and pick a few things you would like to donate to our furry friends here at HSoP!… Donations can be mailed to 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 Thank you Petfinder Foundation for your grant of 15 Kong Toys to benefit our canine friends of HSoP. With this grant we are able to provide our dogs with both mental and physical stimulation. Keeping our animals happy and healthy during their stay with us is our number one priority. With donations and grants like this, we can continue to give our animals the highest quality of care possible.

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    Volunteer Volunteer Form The Humane Society is always happy to have volunteers come out and help care for our animals. The animals like new faces as well. ​ Are you interested in Volunteering? Please contact HSoP and schedule your first shift! Due to limited space, HSoP can only accommodate so many volunteers at one time. ​ Volunteer Hours are available Monday through Friday from 2:00-5:00. We schedule three volunteers at a time. To sign up today! ​ Contact HSoP (208) 883-1166 ​ Do you have questions about volunteering with us? Visit our Volunteering FAQs page ! Volunteer Guidelines ​ Check in with a staff member upon arrival. The staff member will assign you to do something that might include: Cat Cuddling Cat brushing Taking cats into our adoption room so they can play and stretch their legs. Dog socializing Dog brushing Laundry Washing dishes Scooping dog kennels While at the shelter, listen to what the staff member advises you to do. The staff member is responsible for your actions, so please do as instructed. You might hear many things while you are at the shelter, including stories about people abusing their animals and many other issues. Volunteers may not speak for the Humane Society of the Palouse, Inc. concerning its animals, policies and procedures, or other matters involving the Humane Society. These matters will be handled strictly by the staff or Board of Directors. The sick/isolation room is off limits unless otherwise instructed by a staff member. You must follow all of our disease control procedures. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of the animals at the shelter and in your own home. If you see a customer who needs assistance, please alert the staff. Do not ever attempt to answer questions yourself. Please stay out of the office and restricted areas Please don't answer the phone. If an animal needs special attention (fighting, nails needing to be clipped, or worse), please do not attempt to solve the problem yourself, but get a staff member to help. Junior Volunteers Junior Volunteer Form Additional Guidelines for Younger Volunteers You must be at least 12 years old to be a junior volunteer and you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a Junior Volunteer is 16-18 years old they may volunteer alone. A parent or guardian does need to accompany the first visit to sign off on the Junior Volunteer waiver. There is a 3-strikes rule! If we have to remind you about following these rules three times, you will not be allowed to return to volunteer without a parent. HSoP can not accommodate volunteers under the age of 12 at this time. ***Junior Volunteers can socialize with animals that are already accustomed to younger people. If an animal is not comfortable or socialized with children, you will not be allowed to interact with them.*** Group Volunteering Thank you for considering HSoP as the beneficiary of your groups’ philanthropy! Due to space restrictions experienced by HSoP, we are unable to accommodate groups of volunteers on site. However, a group of co-workers, friends, students, etc., can do a lot for the animals currently at HSoP by organizing a fundraiser, a pet food drive, or pet supply collection for the homeless animals of Latah County. While we aren’t able to accommodate groups at our shelter, your group efforts can still make a huge difference to the homeless animals found in your community. After your group has organized a fundraiser, supported a pet food drive for our Pet Food Pantry, or done a supply collection, a tour is a wonderful way to top off the experience! This is a great way for your group to see exactly how your efforts have benefited your pet community. To schedule a group tour, or for fun ideas for group projects, please contact us at: (208)883-1166 Fun ideas for how groups can help: ​ Car washes Helping at HSoP events Baked sale Donation drives Pet food drive Making dog toys Making dog treats Making cat greats Making cat toys Making blankets for our kitties! Our cats and kittens love to lie on handmade blankets. You can knit, crochet, or tie blanks out of fleece. The recommended measurement is about 18-20” x 18-20” when you’re finished. Court Mandated Community Service Information Profile, Code of Conduct/Waiver Thank you for your interest in serving your mandated community service hours at the Humane Society of the Palouse. Individuals seeking to fulfill community service requirements do not participate in the volunteer program: they complete projects and tasks that do not involve any contact with the animals or the clients at the shelter. Community Service Volunteers must read the guidelines, complete information profile, and sign the code of conduct/waiver in order to get started. Please note that the Humane Society of the Palouse reserves the right to refuse a Community Service Volunteer for any reason. Community Service Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers must schedule in advance Time slots available are from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm, Monday – Saturday To sign up, please contact HSoP at 1-208-883-1166 HSoP reserves the right to turn away any volunteers who do not show up on time and to ask volunteers to leave early if there is not enough work available. Shifts are filled on a first-come first-serve basis and HSoP can only accommodate 1 volunteer per morning. Duties may include laundry, dishes, sorting donations, cleaning, and more. Dress Protocol To prevent slipping, exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, and injuries, all Community Service Volunteers must wear flat, enclosed rubber-sole shoes at all times. All Community Service Volunteers may not wear: thong sandals, flip flops, or any shoe with an open toe, torn, tattered, bleach-stained clothing, cut-off shorts, T-shirts with a controversial or offensive message, halter tops, back-less shirts, half-shirts, muscle shirts, tank tops, dangling earrings or other jewelry that may interfere with volunteer duties. DIY Volunteering Ideas Are you interested in helping HSoP but are unable to come into HSoP during our hours of operation? This page has great ideas for how you can still help the homeless animals. Did you know that providing the homeless dogs and cats with toys is very important for their well-being? The ideas on this page will help you make some very special critters their own toys that are theirs to keep both at HSoP and in their new home. ​ Do you have a large group that would like to help HSoP? These ideas are great for a large group to do together and then bring into HSoP. Under each idea, you will find how many volunteer hours you can receive for donating these DIY items. Stuffed Monkey’s Fist Knot: 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys. Click here for instructions. No-Sew Fleece Blankets: 1 hour awarded per every 2 blankets. Click here for instructions. Fleece Dog & Cat Toy: 1 hour awarded per every 5 toys. Click here for instructions. Flirt Pole: 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys. Click here for instructions. Ball & Tug Dog Toy 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys. Click here for instructions. Check out this fun PDF for even more ideas on DIY dog and cat toys!

  • Winter Pet Safety Tips | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Winter Pet Safety Know your dog’s limits! Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold more quickly, so adjust the amount of time they stay outside! If your dog enjoys being outdoors and you will be outside longer than a few minutes, consider outfitting it with a sweater or coat to keep it warm. Hypothermia and frostbite pose major risks to dogs in winter, so remember, if it is too cold for you, it may be too cold for your dog! ​ Check your car hood Cats often sleep in the wheel wells of cars during the winter months to keep warm. If you start your car and a cat is sleeping on your tire, it can be severely injured by moving engine parts. Prevent injuries by banging loudly on your hood or honking the horn before starting your car. This will wake up the cat and give it a chance to escape before starting the car. ​ Wipe your pets paws During winter walks, your dog’s paws can pick up all kinds of toxic chemicals – salt, antifreeze, or de-icers. Be sure to wipe off your dog’s paws when you return from walks to prevent him from licking it off and becoming sick. Purchase pet-safe de-icers for your home for an extra level of safety. And when wiping off your dog’s paws, remember to check for signs of injury, such as cracked or bleeding paws. Always clean your pets paws from frozen snow and ice. Ice stuck to their paw hairs can be extremely uncomfortable. ​ Always keep your pet contained More pets become lost in the winter than any other season because snowfall can disguise recognizable scents that would normally help them find their way home. Prevent your pets from becoming lost by keeping dogs leashed on walks and, just in case you are separated from your pets, make sure their collars have up-to-date contact information and they are microchipped . ​ Avoid walking or playing on ice When walking your dog, be sure to avoid frozen lakes and ponds. Ice can crack, and you and your dog could fall through. ​ Leave them home Just as hot cars are dangerous for pets in the summer, cold cars pose a threat as well. Only take your pets in the car if it is necessary, and never leave them unattended. ​ Make sure you and your pet are always visible Due to Daylight Savings, many of us are relegated to walking our dogs in the dark. Keep yourself and your dog are safe by wearing reflective gear (clothing, leash, collar, etc) and keeping your dog close when walking on the street. ​ Give your outdoor pets safe shelter If your pets live outdoors primarily, bring them indoors during sub-zero temperatures. For the rest of the winter, provide them with a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow them to sit and lay down comfortably, but small enough to conserve body heat. The floor should be raised a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw. Pets who spend a lot of time outside need more food to replace energy lost from trying to stay warm. Use plastic food and water dishes instead of metal. When the temperature is low enough, your pets’ tongue can become stuck to the metal bowl. ​ Avoid chemical spills Antifreeze attracts cats and dogs because it is very sweet to taste, but it is extremely poisonous and can cause serious illness or death when ingested. Be sure to clean up any antifreeze that spills in your garage, and keep the bottle somewhere your pets cannot access. ​ Be prepared for emergencies Winter brings extreme weather that can cause power outages. Have an emergency plan and make sure they include your pets! Have an emergency kit with enough food, water, and medication to last your pets at least five days. Most likely you will never need it, but if you do, you will be thankful you planned ahead!

  • Foster Program | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Foster Program HSoP does not have an active foster program at this time. We are working on an updated foster program that we hope to launch in the near future. Keep checking back for updates! Thank you for your interest in helping those who cannot help themselves! Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience and it changes the lives of homeless animals in a very direct way. Your care and kindness are repaid in rewards beyond words. Although previous fostering experience is not required, the ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care and training. A desire to temporarily, care for their foster animal until that animal is ready to move to a safe, loving and forever home. The length of foster care commitment varies widely based on each animal. Some animals may only need a couple weeks of foster care; other animals may need many months of foster care. The length of time can depend on the animals’ circumstance or need for fostering. Requirements: Foster care provider must be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers must have time to care for foster animals. Volunteers must have reliable transportation. Volunteers must have the support of all individuals living in your home. Volunteers must have consent of property owner. Volunteers must read guidelines, responsibilities, complete an application, be approved to foster, and sign our foster contract. Volunteers must attend a foster parent orientation. Volunteers must have owned pets current on all vaccinations. Volunteers must be able to separate fosters from owned animals for several days. Perhaps in a spare bathroom or utility area. A non-carpeted areas is preferable. Volunteers must understand that HSoP is not responsible for any injury, damage or transmission of illness done by a foster animal in your care. Volunteers must understand that HSoP has final say for adoptions and veterinary care. Volunteers must understand that all animals remain the property of HSoP and the City of Moscow. Responsibilities Questions to ask yourself Foster Application

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    Dog Bite Quarantine Holds Frequently asked questions Why is my dog being quarantine at HSoP? If a dog has bitten a person or another animal, it will be housed at HSoP to be monitored for any signs or symptoms of Rabies. A city or county official will impound your dog at the Humane Society of the Palouse for a ten-day observation. The quarantine process is under direction of a city or county official. An animal infected with Rabies will begin to show symptoms within ten days of contracting the disease. The person or animal that was bitten will need to know if they have been infected with Rabies, so they can begin life-saving treatment if needed. Why does my dog need a rabies vaccine? Rabies is a painful and fatal disease. To safeguard the health of animals and people, current status of a rabies vaccine for cats, dogs, and ferrets is required by Moscow City Code. Section 5-15. What is HSoP's role in the quarantine? We are responsible for humanely housing and caring for your dog for the duration of the bite quarantine. We will monitor your pet for signs or symptoms of the Rabies Virus. Will my dog be taken care of during their quarantine stay? HSoP staff takes pride in the care we give animals in our facility. If your pet is staying with us for a mandated quarantine, we will treat them as we treat our other animals. Staff will let your dog out multiple times a day for bathroom breaks. Your dog will be provided with a raised cot and blanket to snooze on. We will ask you their feeding schedule and toy/treat restrictions, to ensure we keep their schedule and housing as normal as possible. My dog is on a special diet/medication, will that be followed? When your dog is impounded with us, we will ask you any restrictions, medications, treatments, etc. that your dog needs while with us. We will do our best to accommodate their needed maintenance. You will be responsible for providing the items your pet requires during their stay, including but not limited to: food, medications, toys, supplements, etc. All items brought in with your dog will be returned once the quarantine has ended, and you pick your dog up. Will my dog get any attention while at HSoP? HSoP staff will be taking care of your dog physically and emotionally (as your dog allows it). We will offer your pet treats and toys (as allowed by owner) to keep them busy and happy while they stay with us. We will spend time with your dog, making sure they are as comfortable as possible during their quarantine. Your dog will be housed away from the public viewing area, and will not have any contact or interaction from the general public. Only the staff will be handling and caring for your dog. Can I visit my dog during the quarantine hold? This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Most commonly, we will allow owner visitation. However, if we notice a severe decline in your dog’s health every time you leave, we may ask that you limit your visits or do not come. Some dogs will not understand why you come to visit, and leave without them each time. This can make it difficult for staff to handle your dog if they become depressed or frustrated. Visitation must be scheduled with the staff in advance. You will not be allowed to remove your dog from HSoP property, but you can spend time with them in their inside or outside kennel while you are here. What if my dog becomes ill or injured during their stay at HSoP? If your dog becomes injured or ill during their stay at HSoP, you will be responsible for any veterinary treatment costs. HSoP staff will alert you immediately if we notice any signs of illness or injury. Should your pet need veterinary attention, we will do our best to accommodate your choice of veterinary clinic. HSoP is only able to transport your dog to a veterinary clinic within Moscow city limits. HSoP will be responsible for transport of your dog to and from the veterinary clinic, but you can be with your dog during the appointment. What will the quarantine hold cost me? City of Moscow Fee: $20.00 Impound fee. This fee must be cash or check, as it goes to the City of Moscow. HSoP Fee: HSoP asks for $10.00 per day boarding. This is to cover the cost of caring for your dog.

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    Get Involved! Do you know the saying "It takes a village"? While this typically references the teamwork involved in raising children, it couldn't be more true for HSoP! Our amazing community is truly what makes our work possible. The residents of Moscow and Latah County have continuously shown how much they care for local animals over the last 40 years. There's several ways to get involved in our lifesaving mission! Each year we have the help of countless volunteers who ensure each animal is safe and comfortable in our care. We also have an extremely generous community who funds more than 30% of our shelter expenses through donations! The community effort doesn't end there. Many of our toys, blankets, treats, and carriers have been donated by helpful residents of Moscow and Latah County, and event volunteers make sure our fundraising efforts are successful year after year! There are even some community members who choose a more hands-on approach and get involved by fostering animals still in search of their forever homes. ​ We are always trying to brainstorm more ways our community can get involved in the work we do. If you have any questions or ideas about how you could help us save countless lives, email Lauren, our Public Relations Manager at . Donate Volunteer Foster Thank you for allowing us to help those who cannot help themselves!

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    Spay & Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) Do you know a dog or cat who needs to be spayed or neutered but the owners are experiencing difficulty with the cost? Check out our SNAP page for details on how we can help . SNAP Microchipping Feeding Assistance If you are disabled, unemployed, on public assistance, or otherwise just short on funds and may need to give up your beloved family pet, please stop by the shelter. We try to keep extra donated cat and dog food on hand to help feed the needy pets in our community! This program depends entirely on donations, and food may or may not be available at any given time. Pet food donations are gratefully accepted to enable this program! Please bring your own container. Would you like to learn more about the importance of pet identification as well as what a microchip is? Check our our Microchipping page to learn more. ​ HSoP offers microchipping for owned pets for $30.00. Check out our Microchipping page for more details. Microchipping Barn Buddy Program Do you have a rodent problem? Take a look at HSoP Barn Buddy Program to learn more about how we can help. Barn Buddy Pet Food Bank

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    Pet Resources - What to do if you lost your pet - What to do if you found a pet - What to do if you find tiny kittens -Summer Safety Tips for Pets -Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips - Dog Swimming Safety Tips -Winter Safety Tips for Pets

  • Adoption Procedure | Humane Society of the Palouse | Moscow

    Our Adoption Process Shelter animals are often special needs cases. We very rarely have “perfect” animals. Due to the needs of our available pets, not all adoptions can be same day adoptions. Taking the time to get to know the pet is key to a successful adoption. Our adoption process is aimed at matching you, your family, and your current pets with our available animals. Click here for Our Adoption Requirements. ​ Click here for Pet Supply Checklists. Once you have selected the companion animal you would like to adopt, the staff member assisting you will share any information about the animal's history and needs. After you have had a conversation about the animal, a staff member will walk you through the following steps: Step 1: Screening Application ​ ***Completing an application does NOT guarantee an approved adoption.*** Upon completion, a staff member will confirm that you are in good standing with the Humane Society of the Palouse, and that the provided housing information is correct. A staff member will call your landlord to confirm the animal is being adopted into a welcoming environment. If you are a homeowner, the staff member will request to see proof of homeownership. This can be provided easily with a copy of a water or sewer bill. The screening process includes: Completed Application Proof of Address Legal Form of ID Rental Agreement or Proof of Homeownership ***If there is already a canine in your home, we require an introduction between your current dog and any dog(s) you are interested in adopting prior to approving your application.*** Step 2: Adoption Contract Once your information has been confirmed and your application is approved, the staff member will have you fill out our adoption contract. We will also have you fill out the microchip registration form for your pet. Each adoption comes with one year of free registration. HSoP uses Home Again microchips for all of our animals. Step 3: Review Medical History Next, staff will review your pet’s current health history and discuss proper pet care. Each pet adopted from HSoP receives the following care prior to adoption: Spay or Neuter Microchip Implantation and Registration Rabies Vaccine (if old enough to receive) Dewormer (Strongid) DAPPv Vaccine (for canines) Bronchicine Vaccine (for canines) FVRCP Vaccine (for felines) Step 4: Pay Adoption Fee ​ Adoption fees vary by type of animal. Our adoption fees include immunization, microchipping, deworming, sterilization, and any other medical care required prior to adoption. Below are our current adoption fees: Feline Adoption Fee (any age): Second Feline Adoption within 6 Months: Cat Carriers: Canine Adoption Fee (any age): Second Canine Adoption within 6 Months: Small Animal Adoption Fee: $90.00 $45.00 $5.00 $115.00 $57.50 $30.00 Step 5: Take Your New Pet Home! ​ Bring your furry friend home with you! We offer a seven day trial period with any new pets to ensure they're a great fit. After seven days, we will mail you your pets’ rabies certificate, rabies tag, and microchip tag. Our Adoption Requirements HSoP reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason. Adoptions are based on a “best match” basis, not first come first serve. Adopters must have a completed and approved application. Adopters must be 18 years of age or older. If the adopter still lives at home, they must have permission from the homeowner (parents, etc.) in order to be approved for adoption. Adopters must provide government-issued identification. Adopters must provide proof of address. All adoptions must take place in person. All cats and kittens must go home in a secure pet carrier. Adopters are welcome to bring their own or use an HSoP cardboard carrier. HSoP will not approve an adoption until receiving confirmation from the adopter’s landlord. HSoP will not adopt out animals who will be “outdoor-only”. HSoP will not adopt animals out as “gifts” for friends or family members who have not met the animal in person. We do offer gift certificates which can be purchased in any amount and applied toward adoption fees of HSoP approved adoptions. HSoP reserves the right to deny adoption if the adopter plans to declaw an adopted feline. HSoP will only place an animal on “hold” for up to 24 hours if there is an approved application on file. We will not place animals on "hold" if they are less than one year of age. ​ HSoP encourages all members of the household to interact with the pet before adoption is finalized. Pet Supply Checklists Recommended items for dogs: ​ Food and water bowls Food (wet and/or dry) ID tag with phone number​ Hard plastic carrier or metal crate Nail clippers Dog bed Brush or comb Poop baggies/pooper scooper Doggy Shampoo and conditioner Variety of treats Small biscuits, rawhide, etc.​ Variety of toys A ball, rope, chew toys, puzzle feeders, etc.​ Owned dogs in the city of Moscow are required to have a City License. We recommend licensing your dog at HSoP or the Moscow Police Department after your seven day foster period. Recommended items for cats: ​ Food and water bowls Food (wet and/or dry) ID tag with phone number​ Hard plastic carrier Nail clippers Cat bed Brush or comb Litter box and scooper Kitty litter Variety of treats​​ Variety of toys Crinkles, stuffed toys, bells, wand toys, cat nip, etc.​