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Kitten Season

What is kitten season?  

Did you know that the feline reproductive cycle is influenced by two factors; warmer weather and the amount of daylight in a 24-hour period?  In our local temperate climate, we experience the warmer weather during March-October. This time of the year is referred to as "Kitten Season". There are many cats who live outdoors and indoor/outdoor that are not spayed/neutered. These cats begin reproducing when the weather heats up causing a major influx of homeless kittens.

How can you help?

  • Spay and neuter your pets! Spaying and neutering not only stops cats from reproducing, but also alleviates some dangerous health concerns for your pet. 

  • Donate supplies! Each year, HSoP takes in roughly 150 orphaned kittens without their mom. These kittens require extra love and care while they grow up! Some needed items: heat pads, kitten milk replacement, kitten nursing bottles, karo syrup, canned kitten food, gerber baby food, and baby wipes.​

    • To check out our current needs, visit Donate.

  • Donate money! Many orphaned kittens come to HSoP sick and injured, and need immediate veterinary assistance. Our life-saving medical fund is used most often during kitten season.

    • To read more about this fund and make a donation, visit Merlin Fund.

  •  Volunteer! HSoP always needs kitten socializers, and we could use your help! Kittens that are unable to go into foster care need extra time with people to help them become socialized. 

    • Interested in becoming a volunteer? Visit Volunteer.

  • Foster a litter! HSoP relies on our foster parents tremendously during kitten season! Kittens sent into foster are safer, happier, and healthier than if they were staying at the shelter. HSoP trains each foster home through an orientation, and is available 24/7 for foster emergencies.

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