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After Adoption

7 Day Health Guarantee and Foster Period

We provide a 7-day health guarantee for each adopted animal. Within the first 7 days of adoption, if you discover a medical condition that existed prior to adoption, we’ll work with our vet partner Animal Clinic and Hospital, to provide medical attention at no charge to you. During the first seven days, all medical decisions must be approved by HSoP.


The first 7 days are a trial period or a foster period.  This means that you have 7 days to make sure that this is a good fit for you and your family.  We understand that 7 days is not a lot of time to get to know your new friend, or for your new pet to relax and feel comfortable.  If you would like more time together before making a final decision, contact HSoP. 


Any time after adoption, please feel free to contact HSoP for any counseling needs you may have with your new family member.

How to help your new family member adjust during their transition from shelter to a home.


When you bring your new dog or cat home from the shelter, it is a day for celebration. However, look at things from your new friends’ point of view. He has left a busy, noisy environment and is traveling in a car with people he does not know to a place he does not know. It is no surprise that he may be a little anxious or overwhelmed.


Be patient.  This is a huge change for them!  Even though all the humans involved know this is a positive change, give your new friend the appropriate amount of time to learn this for themselves.  The last huge life change was arriving at HSoP.  Helping your new friend acclimate and understand that this is now home, may take more time than anticipated.  On the other side, they can surprise us all and be instantly at home! 


Take it slow.  Build up your relationship and bond before rocking the boat.  Let them build their trust with you before taking them to over stimulating environments or inviting large groups of people over.  We understand that having a new addition is very exciting!  However, give them time to acclimate before sharing your new friend with all of your family and friends. 


If you have adopted a dog, check out this great resource!


Contact HSoP


If you need advice, guidance, or counseling after adoption, all of us here at HSoP would be happy to help in any way we can.  Contact us with any questions and/or concerns. 


Call us at 208-883-1166

Email us at

Share your adoption Story!


Thank you for adopting and giving one of our animals a second chance in life!


Share your pets’ new beginning with us!  We love to hear how things are going for the companion animals adopted from HSoP.  Your new family member has greatly affected the lives of all of us working at HSoP.  During their stay with us, we form wonderful relationships and strong bonds as we watch your new pet blossom and grow.  We love staying involved in their new lives and hearing how they are doing from time to time.  We look forward to receiving updates, photos, videos; please feel free to share with us how your new friend is doing in their new life with you.


Share your adoption story with HSoP and our pet community!


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