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HSoP Barn Buddy Program

Available Barn Cats: 

  • HSoP does not currently have any barn cats available for adoption at this time. Call us at (208)883-1166 to get put on our wait list for future kitties! 

Barn cats help to earn their keep by:

  • Controlling the rodent population

  • Reducing your need to use mouse traps or poisons  

  • Saving you money on feed grain spoilage or loss

  • We do not place cats that are best suited to be house pets and we don’t place kittens under age four months as barn cats, unless they are feral/semi-feral.

  • A secure, dry barn or building for shelter with heat source is required.

  • As a non-profit organization, we appreciate a donation to cover the cost of the spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, Felv test, de-worming and other needed preventative care. We ask for a $25.00 donation.

  • The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a stall, small room, or crate for two to four weeks (depends on the cats and the barn) to acclimate them to their new environment before release.

  • A constant supply of dry food and fresh water.

  • The willingness to trap the cats to provide licensed veterinary care in the event of a severe injury or illness.

How to care for your Barn Buddy


Congratulations and thank you for participating in our Barn Buddy program.

The following articles have great information on how to properly care for your new buddy.  

How to Raise a Barn Cat Right

How to Keep Mice Out of Sheds and Barns

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