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Raise Money for HSoP on WoofTrax!

Did you know that you can generate funds for HSoP and the pets we serve, just by walking your dog? WoofTrax is an app that turns your daily walks into donations that help pets in need at your local shelter. Getting started is easy, and there is truly no cost to you! Here's are the steps: 

  1. Download WoofTrax from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

  2. Create an account and select Humane Society of the Palouse as your preferred charity.

  3. Open the app when you take your pups for a walk, and start raising funds for HSoP! 

  4. WoofTrax will make a donation to HSoP based on the distance you walked. 

It really is that easy! If you own a dog, you may already go on several walks per day. WoofTrax is a great way to make your outings extra meaningful. When you walk while supporting HSoP, you're helping us provide second chance to every lost and homeless pet who comes our way. Download WoofTrax today! (P.S. You can walk without a dog and still raise funds for HSoP!)

You may be wondering how WoofTrax donates money to our cause with our costing you a dime. Great question! The answer is quite simple, really. WoofTrax receives money from advertisements shown on the app, and this money is distributed to shelters based on the preference of walkers who see the ads. 

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