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Found Tiny Kitten(s) 

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Neonatal Kittens (1-day to 5-weeks old) best chance at survival is with their mom. If you find a kitten or litter of kittens under 6 weeks of age, watch from afar to see if mom comes back. Chances are mom is off hunting for food. Do not move or relocate the kittens until you know if there is a mom. 
If mom comes back, see if she is friendly. Will she let you pet her or feed her? If so, attempt to gather mom and babies into carriers. Call HSoP, so we can get them all in safely! 
If mom is not friendly, the best option is to wait until kittens are roughly eight weeks old. Kittens can be brought to HSoP to help socialize them and get them ready for adoption. Mom should be Trapped, fixed, and released. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept feral cats. We do offer a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program specifically for feral cats. This program provides the cage to trap feral cats, and HSoP will pay the full amount to have these cats vaccinated and sterilized to prevent more unwanted litters in the future. 

If you need help feeding mom or kittens, please call us to get some assistance with pet food. Visit our Food Pantry page for more information.

If mom does not come back after five hours, it is safe to assume she is not coming back. Gather the kittens in a carrier or box, and give them a heating pad (always wrap the heating pad in a towel or blanket to avoid burning their delicate skin). Call HSoP immediately, and bring them to us as soon as possible. 

HSoP is always looking for new foster families. If you are interested in fostering the litter of kittens you found, or any kittens we have, check out our Foster page for more information! 

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