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Volunteer Guidelines



The Humane Society is always happy to have volunteers come out and help care for our animals. The animals like new faces as well.

Are you interested in Volunteering?  Please contact HSoP and schedule your first shift!  Due to limited space, HSoP can only accommodate so many volunteers at one time. 

Volunteer Hours are available Monday through Friday from 2:00-5:00. We can schedule up to three volunteers at a time. 

Sign up for your shift today! 

Contact HSoP by phone at (208) 883-1166 or through email at

Do you have questions about volunteering with us? Click here to visit our Volunteering FAQs!

Junior Volunteers

Junior Volunteers

Additional Guidelines for Younger Volunteers


  • You must be at least 12 years old to be a junior volunteer. During their first volunteering shift, junior volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to go over rules, sign the application, and ensure their child understands the process. 

  • After the initial supervised shift, junior volunteers can volunteer alone for up to one hour per day. Junior volunteers are not allowed in the dog kennels without their parent or guardian. 

  • There is a 3-strikes rule!  If we have to remind you about following these rules three times, you will not be allowed to return to volunteer without a parent.

  • HSoP cannot accommodate volunteers under the age of 12 at this time. 

***Junior Volunteers can socialize with animals that are already accustomed to younger people.  If an animal is not comfortable or socialized with children, you will not be allowed to interact with them.***

Dog Walking

Our dogs love getting to go on walks! These mini adventures offer a fun break from the shelter environment, and give our pups a chance to practice their leash skills before going home. If you'd like to help our pups get some relaxing walks in, we would love to have your help!

  • If you haven't already, be sure to fill out and submit a volunteer application. 

  • Next, fill out and submit the dog walking form above. Be sure to carefully read all guidelines. 

  • Just like that, you're all set to walk some dogs! We will ask to hold onto your ID while you're out. 

***Junior volunteers cannot walk dogs by themselves. If they are accompanied by an adult parent or guardian, then the junior volunteer can accompany the adult for the walk, but may not control the leash.***

Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering

Thank you for considering HSoP as the beneficiary of your groups’ philanthropy! Due to space restrictions at HSoP, we are unable to accommodate large groups of volunteers on site.  However, groups can do a lot for the animals currently at HSoP by organizing fundraisers, pet food drives, or pet supply collections for the homeless animals of Latah County.


While we aren’t able to accommodate groups at our shelter, your group efforts can still make a huge difference to the homeless animals found within your community.


After your group has organized a fundraiser, supported a pet food drive for our Pet Food Pantry, or done a supply collection, a tour is a wonderful way to top off the experience!  This is a great way for your group to see exactly how your efforts have benefited your pet community.


To schedule a group tour, or for fun ideas for group projects, please contact us by phone at (208)883-1166 or through email at

Fun ideas for how groups can help:

  • Car washes

  • Volunteering at HSoP events

  • Bake sales

  • Supply donation drives

  • Pet food drives

  • Making dog toys

  • Making dog treats

  • Making cat treats

  • Making cat toys

  • Making blankets for our kitties!

    • Our cats and kittens love to lie on handmade blankets. You can knit, crochet, or tie blanks out of fleece. The recommended measurement is about 18-20” x 18-20” when you’re finished.

Court-Mandated Community Service

Court-Mandated Community Service

Thank you for your interest in serving your mandated community service hours at the Humane Society of the Palouse. Individuals seeking to fulfill community service requirements do not participate in the volunteer program: they complete projects and tasks that do not involve any contact with the animals or the clients at the shelter.


Community Service Volunteers must read the guidelines, complete information profile, and sign the code of conduct/waiver in order to get started. Please note that the Humane Society of the Palouse reserves the right to refuse a Community Service Volunteer for any reason.


  • Community Service Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Volunteers must schedule in advance

  • Time slots available are from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm, Monday – Saturday

  • To sign up, please contact HSoP by phone at (208) 883-1166

  • HSoP reserves the right to turn away any Community Service Volunteers who do not show up on time, and to ask Community Service Volunteers to leave early if there is not enough work available.

  • Shifts are filled on a first come, first serve basis and HSoP can only accommodate 1 volunteer per day.

  • Duties may include laundry, dishes, sorting donations, cleaning, and more.


Dress Protocol


  • To prevent slipping, exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, and injuries, all Community Service Volunteers must wear flat, enclosed rubber-sole shoes at all times.

  • All Community Service Volunteers must not wear thong sandals, flip flops, or any shoe with an open toe, torn clothing, cut-off shorts, T-shirts with controversial or offensive messages, halter tops, backless shirts, half-shirts, muscle shirts, tank tops, dangling earrings, or other jewelry that may interfere with volunteer duties.

DIY Volunteerng Ideas

DIY Volunteering Ideas

Are you interested in helping HSoP but are unable to come into HSoP during our hours of operation? 


This page has ideas for how you can still help homeless animals.  Did you know that providing homeless dogs and cats with toys is very important for their well-being?  The ideas on this page can help you make some very special critters their own toys that are theirs to keep both at HSoP and in their new home.  

Do you have a large group that would like to help HSoP? 


These ideas are great for a large group to do together and then bring into HSoP.  Under each idea, you will find how many volunteer hours you can receive for donating these DIY items. 

Toys needed at HSoP

Stuffed Monkey’s Fist Knot:

  • 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys.

  • Click here for instructions.

No-Sew Fleece Blankets:

  • 1 hour awarded per every 2 blankets.

  • Click here for instructions.

Fleece Dog & Cat Toy:

  • 1 hour awarded per every 5 toys.

  • Click here for instructions.

Flirt Pole:

  • 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys.

  • Click here for instructions.

Ball & Tug Dog Toy

  • 1 hour awarded per every 2 toys.

  • Click here for instructions.

Animal from our shelter.
  • Does HSoP euthanize animals?
    The Humane Society of the Palouse is a low/no-kill shelter. HSoP will not euthanize adoptable animal’s due to space. We’ve stayed true to our mission for 40 years and are committed to preserving and nurturing the lives of all the rescued animals in our care. We reserve humane euthanasia only in instances when animals are suffering greatly with no potential for relief, or if an animal is so aggressive that he or she presents a danger to people or other animals and cannot be safely handled or placed. The decision to euthanize is never made lightly and done only with the best interest of the animal in mind. HSoP is committed to providing all of the animals we rescue with the individualized and compassionate care they need and deserve until they are adopted by responsible, loving people.
  • How many canines does HSoP help per year?
    Each year HSoP provides temporary housing for anywhere from 200-300 dogs.
  • How many felines does HSoP help per year?
    Each year HSoP provides temporary housing for anywhere from 200-300 cats. At any given time, HSoP has more cats than dogs
  • How many canines are returned to their owner, and how many are adopted out per year?"
    For stray dogs that are found within Moscow city limits, HSoP on average will be able to reunite 60% with their owners and 40% will remain in shelter care until adopted. Whereas stray dogs that are found outside of Moscow city limits, HSoP on average will be able to reunite 40% with their owners and 60% will remain in shelter care until adopted.
  • How many cats are returned to their owner, and how many are adopted out per year?"
    For stray cats that are found within Moscow city limits, HSoP on average will be able to reunite 10% with their owners and 90% will remain in shelter care until adopted. Whereas stray cats that are found outside of Moscow city limits, HSoP on average will be able to reunite 1% with their owners and 99% will remain in shelter care until adopted.
  • How is HSoP funded?
    For a more detailed view of HSoP finances, visit our Financial Transparency page.
  • How much funding needs to be donated or raised by HSoP to make up the 35% and 8% of the annual budget?
    Each year, HSoP has to raise over $80,000.00 in donations and fundraising to keep our doors open! ​ This is why any size donation is greatly appreciated. Without the generous support of our pet community, HSoP would not be able to do what we do. Donate today!
  • Who is involved with HSoP?
    City of Moscow, Chief of Police City of Moscow owns the building and pays for utilities and make up 22% of HSoP yearly budget. Latah county provides 10% of HSoPs’ yearly budget. HSoP presents to the County Commissioners every year to request funding. HSoP Voluntary Board of Directors 14 members who bring a variety of expertise to the organization. HSoP has a full time staff of 4 that include: Shelter Director Animal Care Attendants Public Relations Manager Countless Volunteers
  • Is the Humane Society of the Palouse part of the Humane Society of the United States?
    No. HSoP has no affiliation with HSUS or the ASPCA. Though we do look to the national animal welfare organizations to stay current with best practices, we do not receive funding nor are we affiliated with them. HSoP does apply for grants through these large national organizations, however HSoP does not receive annual funding from the HSUS or ASPCA.
  • Where does HSoP list stray or impounded animals?
    HSoP lists all stray or unclaimed animals on our Facebook page. To see the most recent stray and impounded animals, visit our Facebook page through this link: Humane Society of the Palouse | Facebook
  • What happens if my pet is brought to the shelter?
    If your pet is not readily identifiable by tag or microchip, your pet will be held for a stray holding period. Dogs found in the City of Moscow have a 10-day holding period. Dogs found outside of Moscow but within Latah County have a 6-day holding period. Cats found anywhere within Moscow or Latah County have a 6-day holding period. The Shelter will make every effort to contact you regarding your pet during this time. Reclaim fees apply in each situation and must be paid prior to reclaiming your pet. Unclaimed pets become the property of HSoP following the end of a stray holding period. Once this happens, they start the process of becoming ready for adoption.
  • What does it cost to reclaim my pet from the shelter?
    Pet owners are charged an impound fee of $20.00. To reclaim a dog that lives within Moscow city limits, if the dog is not already licensed with the city, the purchase of a lifetime license is mandatory. The license is $25.00 for altered dogs and $35.00 for intact dogs. Boarding fees of $10.00 per day are charged for each day of impound after the initial twenty-four hours of arrival at the Shelter
  • Do I have to have my pet spayed or neutered?
    Spaying or neutering is not required for reclaimed pets, although the Humane Society encourages responsible sterilization of pets and offers assistance through S.N.A.P.
  • Does the Humane Society of the Palouse pick up stray animals?
    The Humane Society does not pick up animals. Stray dogs found within Moscow city limits can be reported to the Animal Control Officer by calling 208-882-2677. If a stray dog is found in Latah County, citizens can call the Latah County Sheriff’s office at 208-882-2216 for assistance, but do so knowing there is no animal control for Latah County. There is no animal control for stray cats.
  • If I witness what I believe to be an act of animal cruelty, who do I call?"
    Humane Society of the Palouse encourages the public to IMMEDIATELY report acts of animal cruelty or neglect to Animal Control by calling (208) 882-2677 if occurring within Moscow city limits, and (208) 882-2216 if occurring in Latah County. HSoP does not have the ability to report cruelty or neglect secondhand. If we are contacted about situations of this kind, we will direct them to contact local law enforcement.
  • If my pet is missing, could it be at the animal shelter?"
    Hundreds of companion animals come into the shelter every year from Latah County. If your pet is missing, it is important that you contact the Animal Shelter as soon as possible so that a missing pet report can be completed and shelter staff can be notified to look for your pet. It is also important that you visit the shelter in-person and look for your pet on a regular basis. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the pet owner to search for their missing pet; however, the Humane Society will do everything possible to assist you in doing so. We also encourage posting a photo, description and information about where your pet went missing from as well as when to local lost and found groups on Facebook.
  • Does HSoP offer veterinary services to the pulbic?
    Though we would love to offer spaying/neutering and vaccination services to our local pet community, HSoP does not have the ability or facilities to do so at this time. HSoP does offer spay and neuter assistance through our S.N.A.P., and microchipping services. For a list of local veterinary services, please view the Veterinary Services resource page in the HSoP Resource Library.
  • Does it cost money to surrender an owned animal?
    Yes. HSoP does ask for a small donation to help provide care for owned pets that have been surrendered. Please visit our Owner Surrender page to learn more.
  • I'm going on vacation, can you board my pet?"
    No. At this time HSoP does not offer boarding services for pets. There are several boarding facilities thought out Latah County and most vet clinics will also board. For a list of local boarding services, please view our Pet Boarding Services resource sheet in the HSoP Resource Library.
  • I found a wild animal hurt in my yard, what should I do?"
    Have you found an injured or orphaned wild bird or animal? Please call us at 208-614-CARE (2273)! Visit:
  • I found a feral cat, what do I do?
    At this time, HSoP does not have the ability to provide care for feral cats within our facility. We do have a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for feral cats that is intended to reduce feline infectious diseases and homeless cat births in our region. Please contact Animal House Ferals for more information on how to help a feral cat, or to provide a home for a feral cat. Visit their website: for more information.
  • Why can’t I bring my animal to the Humane Society of the Palouse if I live outside of Latah County?
    HSoP does not euthanize to make space. We do not have to capacity, space or manpower to recieve animals from outside of the agreed jurisdiction we have with the City of Moscow and Latah County. We recommend contacting the shelter that services your county and they can accommodate you.

Volunteering FAQs

Volunteering FAQs
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