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HSoP Fees

HSoP Adoption Fees

Feline Adoption Fee (0-5 years old):

Feline Adoption Fee (6+ years old):

2nd Feline Adoption within 6 Months:

Cat Carriers:

Canine Adoption Fee (0-5 years old):

Canine Adoption Fee (6+ years old):

2nd Canine Adoption within 6 Months:

Small Animal Adoption Fee:









HSoP Fees for releasing an owned stray animal

Boarding of a stray feline:

Boarding of a stray canine:

Canine Intake Fee:

Feline Intake Fee:





Why is there a boarding fee?

Any feline that is at HSoP, costs HSoP $5.00 per feline per day to provide food, water, litter, shelter and staff wages to attend to that feline. 

Any canine that is at HSoP, costs HSoP $10.00 per canine per day to provide food, water, shelter and staff wages to attend to that canine.

Without charging owners boarding fees for the services provided by HSoP, HSoP would not be able to provide a safe place for stray animals to temporarily stay while the owners are reached.   

Why is there an intake fee?


Anytime a kennel is in use, it limits the amount of animals HSoP can take in.  Should an animal need to utilize a kennel, there is a fee associated with that use, and the staff wages to provide that kennel and properly sanitize between use.

Medical care for stray owned animals:

Should a owned stray arrive at HSoP in need of immediate veterinary care and an owner cannot be contacted, HSoP will use their vet partner to provide needed care to stabilize the stray animal.  Owners will be required to pay any vet care costs associated with stabilization and pain management before their animal can be released back to their care.

City of Moscow Fees

*** An Impound is any stray animal brought into HSoP by a City of Moscow affiliate, for example, if brought in by a Moscow Police Officer or Animal Control Officer.*** These fees are to the city. HSoP can only accept cash or check. If writing a check, it must be made out to City of Moscow.

Impound Fee:

City License Fee:

1st Impound

2nd Impound

3rd Impound

If altered

If intact






Should an owner wish to discuss City Fees, please contact the City of Moscow Police Department at 208-882-2677. HSoP cannot waive these fees.  City of Moscow fees must be waived by the Moscow Police Department. 

To learn more about City of Moscow Animal Code:

Intake Fees for Owned Animals

Feline Owner Surrender under 6 months:

Feline Owner Surrender Adult:

Canine Owner Surrender under 2 months:

Canine Owner Surrender 2-6 months:

Canine Owner Surrender Adult:

Small Animal Owner Surrender:







To learn more about surrendering an owned animal:

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