Intake Process

Stray animals

Stray dogs that are found in the city limits of Moscow are held for 10 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray dogs that are found in Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray cats that are found either in city limits of Moscow or Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. 

Upon arrival, HSoP staff immediately search for any identification (collar, ID tags, and microchips). If the animal has identification we contact the owners to alert them their animal is safe with us, and waiting to be picked up. If the animal does not have identification, or we cannot get a hold of the owners, we post a picture and description of the animal to our Facebook page. 

For information on fees when claiming your lost pet, click here.

If the animal is not claimed during the stray holding period, we begin the process of getting the animal ready for adoption. All animals adopted from HSoP are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to leaving the shelter. 

Owner Surrendered animals

Animals may be surrendered to HSoP for any number of reasons. HSoP does not accept aggressive animals, or animals with a known bite history. When an animal is surrendered to HSoP, we immediately start the process of getting them ready for adoption. If the animal is not already, we will spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip them.

For more information about owner surrenders, click here. 

*** HSoP is a no-kill shelter, which means we are limited admission intake. We do not euthanize animals for space. When our kennels are full we do have to place animals on our wait list to be brought into the shelter when space is available. Our wait list is dependent on our adoption rates. The quicker our animals find loving homes, the quicker we can bring new animals into HSoP. 

Feral Cats

HSoP does not have the capacity or safe-housing to take feral cats into our shelter.

For more information on feral cats, click here. 

Other Animals

HSoP does not have the space or safe-housing to take in birds or reptiles. HSoP does accept "pocket pets", such as ferrets, rabbits, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. We are limited on space for our small animal friends, so we do keep a wait list for animals to come in when we are full.