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Intake Process

Intake Process

Stray animals

If you have found a stray pet, click here. If you have found a stray pet after hours, click here. 

Stray dogs that are found in the city limits of Moscow are held for 10 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray dogs that are found in Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. Stray cats that are found either in city limits of Moscow or Latah County are held for 6 days, while we search for an owner to claim them. 

Upon arrival, HSoP staff immediately search for any identification (collar, ID tags, and microchips). If the animal has identification we contact the owners to alert them their animal is safe with us, and waiting to be picked up. If the animal does not have identification, or we cannot get a hold of the owners, we post a picture and description of the animal to our Facebook page. 

For information on fees when claiming your lost pet, click here.

If the animal is not claimed during the stray holding period, we begin the process of getting the animal ready for adoption. All animals adopted from HSoP are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to leaving the shelter. 

Owner Surrendered animals

Animals may be surrendered to HSoP for any number of reasons. HSoP does not accept aggressive animals, or animals with a known bite history. When an animal is surrendered to HSoP, we immediately start the process of getting them ready for adoption. If the animal is not already, we will spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip them.

For more information about owner surrenders, click here. 

*** HSoP is a no-kill shelter, which means we are limited admission intake. We do not euthanize animals for space. When our kennels are full we do have to place animals on our wait list to be brought into the shelter when space is available. Our wait list is dependent on our adoption rates. The quicker our animals find loving homes, the quicker we can bring new animals into HSoP. 

Dog Bite Quarantine Holds

For more information about dog bite quarantine holds at HSoP, click here.

Feral Cats

HSoP does not have the capacity or safe-housing to take feral cats into our shelter.

For more information on feral cats, click here. 

Other Animals

HSoP does not have the space or safe-housing to take in birds or reptiles. HSoP does accept "pocket pets", such as ferrets, rabbits, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. We are limited on space for our small animal friends, so we do keep a wait list for animals to come in when we are full.

Found Pets

Found Pets

Read through our resource sheet for Found Pets.

  1. Contact HSoP (208) 883-1166 to leave a "found" report, and see if an owner has contacted us missing this pet.​​

    1. Dogs found in Moscow and Latah County may be brought to the HSoP for holding until an owner is located.​

    2. HSoP can also scan any found pet for a microchip. This service is also available at veterinary clinics.

  2. Contact your local police department or sheriff's office. An owner may have left a report with them.

    1.     Moscow Police (208) 882-2677

    2.     Sheriff's Office (208) 882-2216

  3. Make flyers in eye-catching colors with a photo and description of the found pet. Post flyers in your neighborhood, local shelters, veterinary hospitals, local websites, and grocery and feed stores. Even if the animal is in the shelter, these efforts will help the animal return home.

  4. Be aware that it is against City Code to post flyers on public property, such as telephone poles. ​
      ​"The City of Moscow would like to remind citizens of the limits on posting signs or posters.  Per City Code Title 10 Section 1-22, posters or signs may not be attached on property that does not belong to the poster without first obtaining the consent of the property owner or their agent.  Also, posting signs on public property or right of way is prohibited.  The City does provide a free public bulletin board in Friendship Square for posting notices that is available to the public." 


  5. If an owner has not been identified after the holding period, the animal will be evaluated for adoption. To learn more about procedures for stray animals visit our Intake Process page.

    1. The holding period for found dogs in the city​ is 10 days.

    2. The holding period for found dogs in the county is 6 days.

    3. The holding period for found cats is 6 days.

Cats are allowed to roam freely in Latah County. If you feel a cat is indeed a stray, please contact us prior to bringing the cat in. If the cat is friendly and you are able to handle it, please put the cat in a carrier and call HSoP to let us know you plan on bringing in a stray cat. We currently cannot accept feral cats. We are currently working on a solution for finding feral cats new homes.

Stray Pets Found After Hours

Stray Pets Found After Hours

  • If you found a stray dog in Moscow city limits, you may call the non-emergency police line at (208) 882-2677 to have a Moscow Police Officer impound the dog at HSoP. The dog will be placed in our indoor kennels with food, water, and a bed until HSoP staff arrives the following morning. We will scan the pet for any identification, and start the process of reuniting the pet with their owner. 

  • If you found a stray dog in Latah County limits, you may call (208)882-2216 to have a Latah County Deputy impound the dog at HSoP. The dog will be placed in our indoor kennels with food, water, and a bed until HSoP staff arrives the following morning. We will scan the pet for any identification, and start the process of reuniting the pet with their owner. 

  • There is no assistance for stray cats found in Moscow or Latah County.

  • If you find an injured stray pet after HSoP and the local veterinary clinics have closed, you can call Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital at 509-335-0711.

Owner Surrenders

Owner Surrendering Companion Animals

We understand there are circumstances where finding your pet a new home may seem like the best option… In the event you can no longer care for your pet, contact us at (208) 883-1166 to discuss how HSoP can help.

While we would love to accept all animals, for the safety of our animals and staff we are unable to accept the following:

  • Animals with known aggression problems or behavioral disturbances, which would prevent them from being adopted

  • Animals that have bitten someone

  • Animals with known contagious or fatal diseases

  • Feral animals


How do you surrender a pet?


Please understand that as a limited-access, no-kill facility, we do not have room for all animals.  In order to stay a no-kill facility, HSoP does not euthanize to make space. 


That being said, to adhere to our no-kill stance we are unable to offer “walk-in” owner surrenders.  Please contact HSoP to discuss our owner surrender process prior to arriving at HSoP with your owned pet.

How many animals we adopt out decides how many animals we can take in, and this includes stray animals.  Once HSoP reaches our care capacity, we cannot take in more animals.

Call (208) 883-1166 OR email:

Owner Surrender Fees:

  • Feline Owner Surrender Adult

  • Feline Owner Surrender under 6 months

  • Canine Owner Surrender under 2 months

  • Canine Owner Surrender 2-6 months

  • Canine Owner Surrender Fee Adult






To help HSoP better find the best possible home, we ask owners to fill out a personality profile for their pet.

HSoP also requires a copy of any medical care an owned animal has received.  Including but not limited to, spay/neuter and vaccination information. HSoP asks for a copy of any medical care provided, but surrendered animals are NOT required to be up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered prior to arrival.  

Hours of operation

Open Monday through Saturday from 1:00-6:00pm.

Closed Sundays. 


If HSoP does not have space, what next?

View our resource page for Pet Rehoming Services and Assistance.

If your pet is spayed/neutered, we can help advertise your pet on our Petfinder page. We will create a courtesy listing for your pet, and advertise them along with our other adoptable pets. HSoP will only assist in the advertising, and you will be in control of the re-homing process. You will decide if there is a re-homing fee, home checks, or any other adoption requirements for your pet. The goal of courtesy listing is to help your pet find a new home, without needing to come into HSoP. If you would like HSoP to courtesy list your pet, please call us at (208)883-1166.

Alternatively, you can list your pet to be rehomed through Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet. This service allows you to create your own free listing to advertise your pet to others. It offers screening questions, resources for choosing a good family, and full control over where your pet goes. Your pet does not need to be spayed/neutered to use this service, but the new owners are obligated to have your pet fixed within 30 days of adoption. The adoption fee is passed along to the referring shelter or shelter of your choice, which helps us to care for any homeless pets that make their way into our facility. 

A direct link to Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet

If you need assistance getting your pet spayed/neutered, click this button: 

Dog Bite Quarantine Hold FAQs

Dog Bite Quarantine FAQ
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