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Engraved Pet ID Tags

What is the first line of defense when a beloved pet goes missing? After finding a lost cat or dog, most people will immediately look to see if there is an ID tag on the pet's collar. Usually, these ID tags contain the pet's name and their owner's phone number. This makes it easy for the person who found the missing pet to contact the owner directly. Pet ID tags can help lost pets avoid spending the night in our facility by allowing them to be reunited in no time. 

At HSoP, we know that pet ID tags are extremely important. In January of 2022, we were gifted an IMARC pet tag engraving system to keep at our facility. This generous gift has given us the ability to offer customized pet ID tags as a service for pet owners throughout our region. 

Custom pet ID tags at HSoP cost $12.00 each and take about 3 minutes to make. This price includes the tag itself, the engraved text, and a key ring to connect the tag to your pet's collar. Our hope is that this service will encourage local pet owners to give their companions some easy-to-read identification. We want lost and escaped pets to come home ASAP, and these tags help immensely in that process! 
A photo of our IMARC pet tag engraving system
Some of our available shapes and colors
An example of our pet ID tags
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