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Pet Enrichment

Enrichment for animals is extremely important. Enrichment allows animals to demonstrate their species-specific behavior, gives them opportunity to exercise control or choice over their environment, and enhances their physical and mental well-being. Enrichment is just as essential to animal welfare as proper nutrition and veterinary care. Enrichment can be completed using the five senses: sight, scent, touch, taste, and hearing. HSoP strives to find new and innovative ways to enrich the lives of the pets in our care. Here is some ideas and information about enrichment!

  • Playing soft music in the background ​​

    • Pandora has animal-specific, calming radio stations

    • YouTube has quite a few hour-long videos of soft and comforting music​

    • This is especially helpful for pets with separation anxiety or stress.

  • Toys​

    • This sounds very obvious, but finding the toys each individual animal enjoys the most is key to enrichment. Find out if your pet likes toys that make noise, toys that are soft, or toys they can chew on.

    • Always monitor your pet with a new toy. Make sure the toy is size appropriate to your pet, and that they do not attempt to eat the toy or any of the pieces.

  • Puzzle bowls and puzzle toys​

    • There are certain bowls and toys that allow you to put the pets kibble or treats inside. This allows your pet to not only exercise and work for the food, but also gives good mental stimulation! ​

  • Variety of Treats​​

    • There are the usual treats that we all love to give our pets, but giving them treats that will also stimulate them mentally is best!

    • Stuffed kongs are great treats to keep your pet happy and distracted. Visit for ideas on stuffing kongs.

    • Frozen treats are a great option too! Freezing canned food for your pet will give them a yummy, interactive treat on a hot day! 

  • Playing videos or opening a window for sight-seeing​

    • Some animals enjoy watching videos on a TV or computer

    • There are bird videos on Youtube for your cat to watch and enjoy

    • Opening the blinds of your home windows allows your pets to see the outside world, from the safety of the indoors. 

  • Animals love different and new smells ​

    • You can put a few drops of diluted essential oils like lavender, cherry, vanilla, etc. (Always dilute the essential oils, as animals can be delicate to strong smells. Do not put essential oils on your pets body.)

    • Kitties love catnip! 

    • Always let your dog sniff on walks, dogs love to sniff new things.

  • Touch

    • Some animals enjoy soft things to lay on, try offering your furry friend a padded pet bed or fluffy blanket for them to rest on.​

    • Cats really enjoy scratching and using their nails! Offer them appropriate things to scratch on like cat trees or cardboard! 

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