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Humane Society of the Palouse
COVID-19 Update
October 14th, 2020

To our valued supporters and community:

Thank you all for your continued support and patience with us as we move through Idaho’s stages of the re-opening process.

  • Volunteers: All volunteer shifts are suspended until further notice.

  • Adoptions: HSoP will continue to schedule adoption appointments. 

  • Patrons must have an appointment prior to meeting HSoP adoptable animals.

  • Lost and Found Services:  HSoP staff will still be at the shelter to assist with lost and found pets.

  • Should you find a lost pet, or have your pet go missing, please contact us at 208-883-1166.

  • Stray cats who are injured or ill will be our priority. We ask that if you see a roaming cat that is healthy, please call HSoP to leave a found report with us. 

If you have a lost or found pet, we also encourage you to use the following Facebook community groups:


Please visit our website at www.humanesocietyofthepalouse.org, follow HSoP on Facebook, find us on Petfinder.com, listen to us on ZFun 106.1 every Wednesday at 9:30 am during the Real Housepets of the Palouse, and watch for our available animal postings in the Moscow Pullman Daily News Life section to view our adoptable pets. 

Please continue to use HSoP services through appointment.  Current services offered through appointment are, HSoP lost and found services, adoptions, microchips, owner surrenders – as space allows and city licensing for dogs.  This helps us manage social distancing with our limited space.  Please contact HSoP at 208-883-1166 or information@humanesocietyofthepalouse.org to arrange these essential services with staff.  In case of an emergency, please contact your local law enforcement.  For City of Moscow residents, contact 208-882-2677.  

            Please Donate!   During this pandemic, our revenue stream will be affected.  We will not be able to hold our normal fundraising events, which will greatly affect our financial situation.  If you are able, please consider making a monetary donation to help ensure the wellbeing of HSoP. We ask that you mail donations to: HSoP, P.O. Box 8847, Moscow, ID 83843. We ask that donations not be made in person at this time. Please visit www.humanesocietyofthepalouse.org to donate online.

            Supplies Needed:  We are continuing our pet pantry program by appointment during this time.  Please consider purchasing an extra bag of pet food when ordering online, and shipping to: HSoP, 2019 E. White Ave, Moscow ID 83843.  

Please contact HSoP with any questions you may have at 208-883-1166 or email information@humanesocietyofthepalouse.org.  We thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Services Available by Appointment:
Use of HSoP Pet Food Pantry
Lost and Found Services

Microchip Services


Owner Surrenders, as space allows



Due to Covid-19, we are closed to the general public. We are operating our services by appointment only. Please call us to schedule an appointment. 


How about some short-term fostering!
In preparation for kitten season, HSoP is seeking loving families who are interested in opening their heart and home to the sweet, homeless kittens of Latah County. Every spring and summer HSoP is overloaded with abandoned and homeless kittens needing a place to stay until they are old enough to be adopted to their furrever home, so we need your help keeping them healthy and happy until their big day!
If you are interested in helping those who cannot help themselves please visit our Foster Program to read about the program, and fill out a foster application. Completed foster applications can be dropped off at the shelter at 2019 E. White Ave Moscow, ID 83843, or sent in by email to operationsmanager@humanesocietyofthepalouse.org.
Once your application has been submitted and approved, we will contact you with our upcoming orientation dates!

Not ready for the long-term commitment of pet ownership just yet?

HSoP is dedicated to providing the animals in our facility with the highest level of care possible during their stay with us. Adhering to the Five Freedoms ensures we are giving the companion animals in our care everything they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Staff monitors each pet at HSoP individually to identify their specific mental and physical needs, so we can be sure to give them the most humane treatment during their temporary stay with us.


Please call the Humane Society of the Palouse at (208) 883-1166 during business hours to make an appointment for volunteering, as we fill up fast. You can also email the shelter at information@humanesocietyofthepalouse.org for questions, but for up-to-date scheduling, please call the number above. 


For more information about what we need, please visit the Volunteer page.


Are you and a group of friends wanting to help HSoP animals?

Visit our Group Volunteer page for fun ideas for "do it yourself" projects!

Enrichment Program

Help us keep our pets happy!

Here at HSoP we strive to ensure our animals receive the highest level of care possible. This includes physical, mental, and emotional stimulation while they stay with us. We do our best to make sure each animal in our facility receives all preventative and necessary medical attention, as well as enrichment in their kennels to keep them entertained.
Did you know animals can go stir crazy when they are confined in a small space for periods of time with no distractions? This is a common issue for animal shelters nationwide, and we are determined to limit that likelihood as much as possible for the animals here at HSoP.

The staff here at HSoP are dedicated to making sure each animal has plenty of stimulation both physical and mental, to keep them from getting bored. Our wonderful volunteers help with this by taking the animals out of their kennels for some free time in a different area. Our dogs enjoy going to their outside kennels and side yard to play fetch, stretch their legs, and change their scenery! Our cats love to get out of their kennels and go into our adoption room so they can stretch their legs, chase some toys, and get some extra special cuddles!
Mental Stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation.


We want our animals to have a great experience here while they wait for their new homes, so we are starting an Enrichment Program. This program will be dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to keep our furry friends busy and happy in their kennels!


To achieve this goal of ours, we need your help! We have created a Wishlist on our amazon of all the items we think could be of great use for this program. We hope you will take a moment to browse through our list and pick a few things you would like to donate to our furry friends here at HSoP!


Donations can be mailed to 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843


Thank you Nylabone for donating roughly 250 Chews!

Thank you Starmark for donating 25 treat dispensing chew balls!

Thank you Petfinder Foundation for your grant of 15 Kong Toys to benefit our canine friends of HSoP. With this grant we are able to provide our dogs with both mental and physical stimulation. Keeping our animals happy and healthy during their stay with us is our number one priority. With donations and grants like this, we can continue to give our animals the highest quality of care possible. 

2019 E White Ave

PO Box 8847

Moscow, Idaho 83843

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