Tips and Tricks to Trapping Feral Cats

  1. Trap entrance 

    1. This is where the feral cat will enter ​

  2. Weight lever​

    1. Once the cat steps on this, the door will close trapping the cat inside. ​

  3. Place food here to entice the cat to walk into the trap and put weight on the lever. ​




Disguise the trap to look like a cozy den. This will help the fearful ferals feel more comfortable going into the trap.

What tasty food to put in the trap? 

  • Canned cat food

  • Tuna fish

  • Sardines (no additives)

  • Gerber baby food (ham or turkey)

Other Trapping Information:

  • You must own the property you are trapping on.

    • If you rent, you must have the land owners verbal consent to set a trap.​
  • If you catch any kind of wildlife, call Palouse Wildlife and Rehabilitation for instructions on humanely releasing the animal. (208) 614-2273​

Helping that stubborn feral get into the trap

  • If a cat is reluctant to enter the trap, you may need to help them get more comfortable with it. Clip the trap door open, so it will not shut when weight is on the lever. Leave the door open for a few days, so the cat can come and go as it pleases. This will create a routine for the cat. After four-five days, remove the clip and prepare to catch the cat. 

  • Create a food trail leading into the trap. Place some food outside the trap door, and drop pieces every few inches to entice the cat to walk into the trap. 

  • Cover the traps like the photos above. Feral cats like to find covered hidey holes or dens to stay in. This makes them feel protected against predators. Try covering the traps with a blanket, or some leaves and twigs.

  • Try different locations. If the cat is reluctant to enter the trap where you have it, try relocating the trap to other locations on your property. 

I've trapped the what? 

  • Great job! The toughest part is over. Now that the cat is in the trap, place a blanket or towel over the top. This will help them stay relaxed, and protect you from any claws or teeth if they panic! 

  • Take your cat to the vet to have it spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped. 

  • Once your feral has been taken care of at the vet office, it's time to release them back to their home. 

    • Releasing a feral cat back to the same location has a lot of great perks for the cat and the property owner! ​

    • Feral cats do not like people, which means they won't bother you. They just need a nice place to sleep, and maybe a little cat chow! 

    • Feral cats will reduce your pesky rodent population! 

    • Fixed feral cats will not be inclined to allow intact cats to come onto the property. They will keep other feral cats from coming to your property. One feral cat is perfect...but nobody wants ten! 

    • You saved a homeless pets life! 

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