Owner Surrendering Companion Animals

We understand there are circumstances where finding your pet a new home may seem like the best option… In the event you can no longer care for your pet, contact us at 208-883-1166 to discuss the possibility of surrendering it to the Humane Society of the Palouse for adoption.

While we would love to accept all animals, for the safety of our animals and staff we are unable to accept the following:

  • Animals with known aggression problems or behavioral disturbances, which would prevent them from being adopted

  • Animals that have bitten someone

  • Animals with known contagious or fatal diseases

  • Feral animals


How do you surrender a pet?


Please understand that as a limited-access, no-kill facility, we do not have room for all animals.  In order to stay a no-kill facility, HSoP does not euthanize to make space. 


That being said, to adhere to our no-kill stance we are unable to offer “walk-in” owner surrenders.  Please contact HSoP to discuss our owner surrender process prior to arriving at HSoP with your owned pet.

How many animals we adopt out decides how many animals we can take in, this includes stray animals.  Once HSoP reaches our care capacity, we cannot take in more animals.

  • Call (208) 883-1166 –OR– email: Information@humanesocietyofthepalouse.org

  • Owner Surrender fees:​

    • Feline Owner Surrender Adult                                         $35.00

    • Feline Owner Surrender Fee under 6 months                 $15.00

    • Canine Owner Surrender Fee under 2 months                $15.00

    • Canine Owner Surrender Fee 2-6 months                       $25.00

    • Canine Owner Surrender Fee Adult                                 $50.00


To help HSoP better find the best possible home, we ask owners to fill out a personality profile for their pet.

HSoP also requires a copy of any medical care an owned animal has received.  Including by not limited to, spay/neuter and vaccination information. HSoP asks for a copy of any medical care provided, but surrendered animals are NOT required to be up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered prior to arrival.  

Hours of operation


We do our best to provide convenient hours to serve the Latah County community.

  • Monday – Saturday 1-6 pm


If HSoP does not have space, what next?


If we do not have available space to take in an owned pet, we offer our services to help advertise.  We will also put your animal on our "waitlist" to come into our facility.  The length of time your pet will need to be on our waitlist depends entirely on how many animals we can adopt out.


We do recommend taking advantage of this free service before even surrendering to our facility.  If your pet can skip the stress of coming into HSoP, that would be ideal.  HSoP can only list spayed/neutered pets.  If you need assistance fixing your pet, please ask HSoP about our S.N.A.P. program.

What do we need to know before advertising:

  • Is your animal spayed or neutered?

  • Is your animal up to date on vaccinations?

  • Is your animal house trained?

  • If your animal is a dog, do they have basic obedience?

  • How is your animal with other dogs and cats?

  • How is your animal with children?

  • How old is your animal?

  • Do you have a photo of your animal?     

Click below for S.N.A.P.

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