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It's a, it's a girl...wait...IT'S KITTENS!

We are throwing ourselves a kitten shower to help us prepare for kitten season! Due to Covid-19, we are going to have this virtual event!

What is Kitten Season?

As the weather warms, hundreds of kittens begin to arrive at HSoP.  Beginning as soon as the nights are no longer freezing or below in the spring and lasting until when freezing begins again during the fall. Kitten Season usually begins in April, and can last until October. Due to the warmer weather, more cats are freely roaming outdoors. Many outdoor cats are not spayed/neutered, so they are looking for mates. Cats are seasonally polyestrous, meaning they can have multiple heat cycles during their breeding season. Breeding season for cats is during warmer weather and longer daylight hours. 

What is a kitten shower? 

A kitten shower is much like a baby shower, but instead of planning for one new baby to care for and feed...we are planning for over 250! Prior to Covid, HSoP would host a kitten shower event at the 1912 center in Moscow. We would host games, kitten snuggling, contests, and foster information booths. This year, we are hosting this virtually! HSoP will be using our website and Facebook to post videos and infographics about kitten season. 

When is the kitten shower?

We will begin our week-long virtual kitten shower at the end of April! HSoP will be posting videos and infographics about kitten season on our social media and our website. During this time we will be informing our community about kitten season, how they can assist HSoP in our life-saving efforts, discussing our foster program, and asking for donations.

How can you help? 

HSoP relies heavily on monetary donations, and donated supplies. Each litter of kittens at HSoP can cost roughly $600.00 (this includes their care, housing, food, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and spay/neuter). Many times HSoP will receive kittens needing extraordinary medical attention, so we need the communities help to offer these homeless kittens a second chance at life! 

Monetary donations can mailed to: 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 or through PayPal at: PayPal

Donated supplies can be dropped off or shipped to: 2019 E. White Ave. Moscow, ID 83843

Click here to view our current Kitten Wishlist on Amazon! 

We are constantly in need of Gift Cards to:

  • Spence Hardware

  • Pets are People Too

  • Rite Aid

  • Walgreens

  • Wal-Mart

  • Petco

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