Found Pets

  1. Contact HSoP (208) 883-1166 to leave a "found" report, and see if an owner has contacted us missing this pet.​​

    1. Dogs found in Moscow and Latah County may be brought to the HSoP for holding until an owner is located.​

    2. HSoP can also scan any found pet for a microchip. This service is also available at veterinary clinics.

  2. Contact your local police department or sheriff's office. An owner may have left a report with them.

    1.     Moscow Police (208) 882-2677

    2.     Sheriff's Office (208) 882-2216

  3. Make flyers in eye-catching colors with a photo and description of the found pet. Post flyers in your neighborhood, local shelters, veterinary hospitals, local websites, and grocery and feed stores. Even if the animal is in the shelter, these efforts will help the animal return home.

  4. Be aware that it is against City Code to post flyers on public property, such as telephone poles. ​
      ​"The City of Moscow would like to remind citizens of the limits on posting signs or posters.  Per City Code Title 10 Section 1-22, posters or signs may not be attached on property that does not belong to the poster without first obtaining the consent of the property owner or their agent.  Also, posting signs on public property or right of way is prohibited.  The City does provide a free public bulletin board in Friendship Square for posting notices that is available to the public." 

  5. If an owner has not been identified after the holding period, the animal will be evaluated for adoption. To learn more about procedures for stray animals visit our Intake Process page.

    1. The holding period for found dogs in the city​ is 10 days.

    2. The holding period for found dogs in the county is 6 days.

    3. The holding period for found cats is 6 days.

Cats are allowed to roam freely in Latah County. If you feel a cat is indeed a stray, please contact us prior to bringing the cat in. If the cat is friendly and you are able to handle it, please put the cat in a carrier and call HSoP to let us know you plan on bringing in a stray cat. We currently cannot accept feral cats. We are currently working on a solution for finding feral cats new homes.