Dog Walking

Summer has finally arrived!  All of us here at HSoP are just as excited as you are for sunny days! Taking your furry friend, or a shelter dog out on walks can be one of the best parts of the summer season.  Before you get ready to spend some quality time with your fur friend and enjoy some exercise together, here are some tips to help keep your companion safe.

  • Limit your walks to morning or evening.

  • Keep the pets’ paws on grass and off pavement.

  • Walk in areas that have lots of shade.

  • Provide lots of water.

  • Provide sun protection for your pet.

  • Consider your friend's physical abilities.

If the air temperature is 77°, the asphalt temperature is 125°.

If the air temperature is 86°, the asphalt temperature is 135°.

If the air temperature is 87°, the asphalt temperature is 143°. 

Limit your walks to the morning or evening:

Avoid the warmest times of the day to help ensure your pets safety.  Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, so avoiding the high temperatures that occur during a nice hot summer day and walking in the morning or evening, is best. 


Keep your friends paws on the grass and off pavement.

A good way to know if the pavement is too hot for your pooch’s pads is to press the back of your hand firmly against the asphalt for 7 seconds.    



Did you know that dogs also help cool their bodies through their paw pads?  Overheated paw pads could equal an overheated dog.


Walk in areas that have lots of shade.

Help keep your pet cooler and their paw pads safe by walking in shaded areas.


Provide lots of water.
Dehydration is a serious concern with overheated animals.  Just like we like to have a sip of water while we exercise, so does your furry friend!  Avoid water puddles when out with you dog.  Having a water bottle and bowl available for your pet is much safer.  We never know what bacteria or

other toxins are lurking in water puddles.  Play it safe and provide clean water.  


Provide sun protection for your pet.

Dogs can get a sunburn just like you or me!  Providing you pet with pet safe sun screen can help keep them safe.  Some dogs are more prone to sunburn than others.  If your friend has a lot of white on his ears or snot, giving them, some sunscreen cuts down the risks of sunburn.


Consider your friends physical abilities.

Older pets, or out of shape pets are at a greater risk for heat stroke and dehydration on a sunny day.  Talk with your vet about getting your friend a physical exam to make sure they’re in tip-top shape for summer.  If you have recently adopted a new furry friend, ease them into their exercise routine during the warm months.