Dog Bite Quarantine Holds

Frequently asked questions

Why is my dog being quarantine at HSoP?

If a dog has bitten a person or another animal, it will be housed at HSoP to be monitored for any signs or symptoms of Rabies. A city or county official will impound your dog at the Humane Society of the Palouse for a ten-day observation. The quarantine process is under direction of a city or county official. An animal infected with Rabies will begin to show symptoms within ten days of contracting the disease. The person or animal that was bitten will need to know if they have been infected with Rabies, so they can begin life-saving treatment if needed.

Why does my dog need a rabies vaccine?

Rabies is a painful and fatal disease. To safeguard the health of animals and people, current status of a rabies vaccine for cats, dogs, and ferrets is required by Moscow City Code. Section 5-15.

What is HSoP's role in the quarantine?

We are responsible for humanely housing and caring for your dog for the duration of the bite quarantine. We will monitor your pet for signs or symptoms of the Rabies Virus.

Will my dog be taken care of during their quarantine stay?

HSoP staff takes pride in the care we give animals in our facility. If your pet is staying with us for a mandated quarantine, we will treat them as we treat our other animals. Staff will let your dog out multiple times a day for bathroom breaks. Your dog will be provided with a raised cot and blanket to snooze on. We will ask you their feeding schedule and toy/treat restrictions, to ensure we keep their schedule and housing as normal as possible.

My dog is on a special diet/medication, will that be followed?

When your dog is impounded with us, we will ask you any restrictions, medications, treatments, etc. that your dog needs while with us. We will do our best to accommodate their needed maintenance. You will be responsible for providing the items your pet requires during their stay, including but not limited to: food, medications, toys, supplements, etc. All items brought in with your dog will be returned once the quarantine has ended, and you pick your dog up.

Will my dog get any attention while at HSoP?

HSoP staff will be taking care of your dog physically and emotionally (as your dog allows it). We will offer your pet treats and toys (as allowed by owner) to keep them busy and happy while they stay with us. We will spend time with your dog, making sure they are as comfortable as possible during their quarantine. Your dog will be housed away from the public viewing area, and will not have any contact or interaction from the general public. Only the staff will be handling and caring for your dog.

Can I visit my dog during the quarantine hold?

This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Most commonly, we will allow owner visitation. However, if we notice a severe decline in your dog’s health every time you leave, we may ask that you limit your visits or do not come. Some dogs will not understand why you come to visit, and leave without them each time. This can make it difficult for staff to handle your dog if they become depressed or frustrated. Visitation must be scheduled with the staff in advance. You will not be allowed to remove your dog from HSoP property, but you can spend time with them in their inside or outside kennel while you are here.

What if my dog becomes ill or injured during their stay at HSoP?

If your dog becomes injured or ill during their stay at HSoP, you will be responsible for any veterinary treatment costs. HSoP staff will alert you immediately if we notice any signs of illness or injury. Should your pet need veterinary attention, we will do our best to accommodate your choice of veterinary clinic. HSoP is only able to transport your dog to a veterinary clinic within Moscow city limits. HSoP will be responsible for transport of your dog to and from the veterinary clinic, but you can be with your dog during the appointment.

What will the quarantine hold cost me?

City of Moscow Fee: $20.00 Impound fee. This fee must be cash or check, as it goes to the City of Moscow. HSoP Fee: HSoP asks for $10.00 per day boarding. This is to cover the cost of caring for your dog.