Adoption Requirements:

Thank you for choosing adoption!

Please note that completing an application does not guarantee an approved adoption.

  • Adopters must complete a pre-adoption application and be approved.

  • Adopters may be asked to government-issued photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.) at the time of application.

  • Adopters must be able to provide proof of address, and may be asked to do so at time of adoption.

  • Adopters must be 18 years of age or older. If the adopter still lives at home, they must have permission of the home owner (parents, etc.) in order to be approved for adoption.  HSoP requires parents to come in and meet the animal, and fill out the application.

  • Adopters who rent from a landlord are asked to satisfy any requirements regarding notification and approval for pet ownership and proof of a paid pet deposit, if applicable.

  • HSoP will need confirmation from Landlord before approving the application.

  • Adopters who own their homes may be asked to provide proof of home ownership (water/sewer bill – mortgage statement or deed are all acceptable forms of proof of ownership).

  • All cats/kittens must go home in a secure pet carrier. Adopters are welcome to bring their own carrier, or HSoP cardboard carriers that can be borrowed.

  • HSoP does not adopt animals as “gifts” for friends or family members who have not met the animal in person; however, we do offer gift certificates which can be purchased in any amount and applied toward adoption fees for HSoP approved adoptions.

  • All adoptions must take place in person.  Adopters must meet before an adoption will be approved.

  • Pet adoptions are based on a “best match” basis not on a first-come basis.

  • HSoP does not hold animals unless the potential adopter has previously met and spent time with the pet. If the party has spent time with the pet, they can opt to place the pet on a 24-hour hold.

    • HSoP does not put animals under 1 year of age on hold.

    • There must be an approved application including approved housing arrangement for the pet before being put on hold.

  • Prior to adoption approval of a canine, adopters who have other dogs in their household are requested to schedule a “meet & greet” at our facility between existing pets and the dog(s) they wish to adopt.

  • HSoP does not adopt outdoor only pets.

  • Cats that are declawed are only adopted to homes that intend to keep them strictly as indoor pets. HSoP does not condone declawing. We will counsel cat adopters about a variety of non-surgical methods to avoid potential damage a cat may cause with his/her claws.

  • HSoP reserves the right to deny adoption if adopter plans to declaw adopted feline.

  • To ensure the pet is compatible with everyone, HSoP encourages all household/family members to interact with the potential new pet before the adoption is finalized.

  • HSoP reserves the right to limit the number of animals that can be adopted at any one time, require certain animals to be adopted together, or enforce other restrictions as needed.

  • In some cases, HSoP may determine an animal is not suited for an adopter because the adopter’s needs, expectations and/or resources are not a “good match” for the animal’s history or behavior. Sometimes that means we will work with the adopter to find an animal better suited for their lifestyle. Other times, we may deny an adoption or request the adopter wait if they are expecting a major transition in the near future such as moving into a new home, having a baby, or dealing with another pet who is experiencing health issues.

  • After adoption, HSoP will provide counseling.  Please contact HSoP with any concerns you may be facing.

  • HSoP reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason.

  • Emotional Support animal adoptions.

    • HSoP only requires validation from Landlord.  We do not require seeing documentation from physician. 

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